The labor cost of decoration in Wuhan rises, and t

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The labor cost of decoration in Wuhan is rising, and the daily labor cost of painters is as high as 500

October is the peak season of home decoration in full swing. Many new home owners finish carpentry and clay work before the cold winter. Many decoration companies in Wuhan have exposed a shortage of workers, often cross working at several construction sites. Not only that, the labor cost of decoration is also rising. It is understood that there are even painters whose daily labor costs are as high as 500 yuan. A project manager told reporters: "we are doing at a loss, especially the clay work, and we can't make money at all." The reporter learned from various interviews that at present, the rising labor cost really makes both owners and decoration companies very difficult

high labor cost, with a monthly income of more than 10000

"labor cost is more than twice the material cost. If my family has a set of two bedrooms and two living rooms, the labor cost alone will be tens of thousands." Mr. Zhou, who was decorating his home, couldn't help sighing. He told reporters that he stopped working after finishing carpentry at home because he couldn't find a painter at a suitable price. "The starting price of white paint by painters is 60 yuan/square meter, and that of varnish is 30 yuan/square meter. It's too expensive." Mr. Zhou's family has a lot of painting work, with white paint and varnish totaling about 130 square meters. In this way, the labor cost of workers is quoted at 4500-5000 yuan, while the cost of paint materials is quoted at only 1800 yuan. Such a large price gap makes Mr. Zhou very confused

Mr. Chen, the project manager of Aohua decoration No. 1 construction site, said helplessly that the company's quotation for tiling is 56 yuan/square meter, and the labor cost is 30-40 yuan/square meter. After removing the cost of cement mortar, it is difficult to make money in terms of masonry, so generally, decoration companies are not willing to undertake the work of tiling, and usually recommend the owner to install the floor. In addition, the company's paint project quotation is 80 yuan/square meter, the worker's asking price is 60 yuan/square meter, and the remaining 20 yuan is barely enough to buy materials

3000 yuan of water and electricity labor cost takes a week, and 5000 yuan of paint labor cost takes 7-10 days. According to this calculation, the labor cost of decoration workers can easily earn more than 10000 yuan a month

decoration companies raise their quotation

"labor costs account for about 40% of the total decoration cost. In the past two years, although the decoration labor costs are rising, they are generally controlled at 150-200 yuan/day. But this quotation is obviously a little weak in today's decoration market." The boss of a decoration company revealed that labor and raw materials have increased significantly, especially for masonry, carpentry, hydropower and other types of work, which can be as high as 300-500 yuan per day in the peak decoration season. Because of this, decoration companies can't resist the pressure and raise their quotations one after another. For example, Aohua and Yating both reported that the quotations this year were higher than those in previous years. After reading the quotation of the decoration company, some consumers began to hesitate as long as it was a half package of more than 30000 yuan. Some simply went to the guerrilla workers on the road and bought their own materials for decoration in order to save money

regular companies avoid "artificially high" labor costs.

is it possible to save money by looking for road guerrillas? Mr. Zhou, the owner, said that the quotation of the painter decoration company for labor and materials was 3650 yuan. In order to save money, he asked workers to finish carpentry, but the quotation of the painter for labor and materials was as high as 8000 yuan. Not only that, the carpenter originally estimated that 3000 yuan of wood, and constantly added wood during the construction process, resulting in Mr. Zhou finally had to add more than 2000 yuan to the wood. Mr. Zhou shouted that he was deceived

the relevant person in charge of Wuhan Building Decoration Association also reminded consumers that the overall quotation of materials and labor costs seems to be lower, but generally using materials with poor quality and low cost often makes consumers fall into the trap of "opening low and going high", and in case of disputes, the interests of consumers cannot be guaranteed, so we must choose a formal decoration company to avoid the "virtual high" of materials and labor costs. Mr. Chen, the project manager, said, "all the workers in our company have received professional training. They must pass the training before they can take up their posts. It is not enough to casually find a worker on the roadside."

the high labor cost leads to the new trend of decoration, which may lead to the popularity of all inclusive and set meal

"the overall design, overall material selection, overall construction and overall after-sales, don't run around, don't worry about additional costs, and just pack up all the decoration matters and leave them to the decoration company." According to the relevant person in charge of creative decoration, the rising labor costs may trigger a new round of all inclusive or package decoration boom

in Wuhan, although the all inclusive and package decoration is no longer new, it seems that it has always been "applauded but not popular". According to Shichuang decoration, Shichuang decoration subdivides its products into three product series: 388 live in package, 688 Leju package and 988 mansion package, so that consumers do not need to mediate between decoration companies, construction teams and main material suppliers, enjoy the purchase and distribution of main materials to the end, and do not need to worry about material loss, replenishment, return and other issues. In addition, there is no need to worry about workers deliberately delaying the construction period and adding labor costs to some complex projects

after all, the decoration company's labor team is relatively stable, rigorous management, and organized and disciplined. The decoration company's workers can't overcharge. If it is all inclusive or package decoration, the decoration company can make the decoration more cost-effective through activity promotions and discounts

customized home furnishings are becoming more and more popular

"on site production is too troublesome and labor costs are high, so it's better to customize." Now many consumers, especially those who are more fashionable and avant-garde, are more willing to choose customized furniture. They can match customized furniture at will according to their preferences, decoration style, abnormal size of houses and other factors. Ms. Pu, the relevant person in charge of dionina furniture, said that the customized products of the whole room, such as wardrobe, cupboard, TV cabinet, bathroom cabinet, etc., have reduced the components of on-site manual participation. Workers only need to measure the size in the early stage and simply install the products on site after production

customized furniture allows owners to do without too much care. Dionina has special designers to help owners design customized products according to the overall style, without additional cost. Especially for home decoration of large houses or foreign styles such as Europe, America and Southeast Asia, if you choose on-site carpentry, because the process is complex, the requirements for workers' skills are also very high, which is almost impossible to complete on site. Even if it is made on site, the labor cost will be quite high, and customized furniture will solve this problem well. Therefore, the flexibility, individuality and environmental protection of customized products will become the general trend of decoration in the future

finished decoration will become the mainstream

"the paved wooden floor area of my home is less than 20 square meters, and the salesperson of the store requires an additional labor cost of 200 yuan, because this area can be paved in half a day, but the workers must calculate the cost of a day." Mr. Zhou told reporters that for this reason, he also paid for the labor cost of the other half day in vain

in the case of frequent embarrassment during on-site construction, finished decoration is gradually favored by some consumers. The birth of Jiahe decoration finished product chemical plant has reduced the on-site construction links and eliminated the huge labor costs. In particular, a large number of carpenters in the decoration are the easiest to carry out finished decoration, and nearly 1/3 of the decoration time can be saved. Moreover, the soaring cost of building materials and labor will also stimulate people's enthusiasm for soft decoration. In the future, soft decoration design is bound to occupy a larger proportion in home decoration




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