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[Yihe doors and windows] at present, the social rhythm is very fast, creating a simple modern style that is favored. However, the traditional style has existed in the market for a long time, so it always has its place. From this, we can see that the design of modern style and traditional style has begun to collide, and what the door and window manufacturers need to do is to play the role of lubricant, promote the integration, or be more effective, and fully meet the two parts of consumers with different preferences

in fact, tradition is a kind of feelings for the majority of consumers, and it is also an attachment to this style. When producing traditional style products, the door and window manufacturers should try to cooperate with modern design concepts to create products, add modern production elements, and highlight the traditional beauty in a special way. It can be said that the door and window manufacturers shoulder a heavy responsibility, both to reform and innovation, but also to carry forward the tradition

with the improvement of people's overall cultural quality in the new era, the improvement of living environment, the increasing economic level, and certain aesthetic requirements, so it is the same for traditional style products. In fact, in the final analysis, tradition has been rooted in the hearts of the people for thousands of years, leaving indelible traces. The characteristics of this style naturally give consumers a sense of belonging

in conclusion, if the door and window franchise manufacturers want to realize the matching and integration of traditional and modern design elements, they must give play to their own brainstorming and carry out comprehensive innovation. Only when the door and window franchise manufacturers make all links clear can they design products that really meet the needs of consumers and are derived from the collision between tradition and modernity

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