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As long as you buy solid wood flooring, the shopping guide will tell you a lot of "professional terms" that you don't understand. What she says is very mysterious. You are easy to be fooled if you don't know anything. In fact, solid wood flooring is not complicated. Let's have a look

as long as you buy solid wood flooring, the shopping guide will tell you a lot you don't understand “ Technical terms ”, What she said is very mysterious. If you don't know anything, you'll be easily fooled. In fact, solid wood flooring is not complicated. Let's have a look! 1. Black walnut, also known as black walnut, generally takes more than 50 to 100 years to become timber. It mainly grows in North America, and is also known as American black walnut and American black walnut. It is a precious wood in walnut. Black walnut is precious and proud. It is the “ Black Swan ”. The cut surface of the black walnut floor is a large parabola texture, with unique and beautiful patterns and good elasticity. Stepping on it with bare feet will not have a stiff feeling; The wood is strong and tough, wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant, and has a long service life. Due to the difficult drying and slow speed of black walnut, generally only powerful flooring brands can have economic strength to produce, such as imported brand weizparker and domestic brand Shengxiang. This is also a major reason why black walnut flooring is expensive. If you like the noble and elegant black walnut wood texture, you might as well go to the store to experience its visual effect and feel in person. 2 teak teak is a world-renowned precious wood, among which Thailand and Myanmar are the best. Teak has been growing for at least 50-60 years, and its growth period is slow. Its density and hardness are high, and it is not easy to wear; Teak is rich in iron and oil, which make it not easy to deform, insect proof, ant proof, acid-base proof, especially moisture-proof, corrosion-resistant, and with a natural mellow fragrance. More miraculously, its polished surface color can be oxidized into golden yellow through photosynthesis, and the color will become more beautiful with time. But at present, many businesses in the market deliberately name “ Golden grapefruit &rdquo& ldquo; Golden Teak ” Such names mislead owners, so it is necessary to recognize the origin and wood types when purchasing, so as to prevent being cheated. Oak oak, also known as oak, has straight and slightly staggered texture, medium structure, heavy and hard wood, high strength and toughness, and good stability. The texture is natural, the foot feels comfortable, and the stability is relatively good. After making the floor, it is highly decorative, and can be matched with various styles of decoration. Compared with other wood, the price of oak is relatively medium in solid wood flooring, and its cost performance is higher. At present, basically all major brands have their own oak flooring, and there are activities during holidays. Owners who like it can visit the building materials market during holidays, and maybe they can buy satisfactory solid wood flooring! 4. The density of pineapple wood is high, the texture is tough, the material is uniform, and the luster is good. The key is that there is no smell, the pattern is good-looking, and the color will turn red after a long time, appearing noble and elegant. Since the international forest organization listed the Indian eggplant (pineapple) as a rare and protected species like red sandalwood and pear, the quantity of Indian eggplant is rare and the price is high. However, the stability of Borlaug is the best among the existing wood flooring species, and there are few after-sales problems. The price of solid wood flooring varies greatly due to different types of wood, so the brand of flooring and types of wood are locked according to the budget when purchasing. Generally speaking, the higher the price, the more delicate the solid wood floor is, and more manpower and financial resources need to be invested in the later maintenance




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