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In the process of developing the market, we should clearly understand several important issues, summarize and share with you. Stones from other mountains can be used to attack jade, and hope to bring you some help in future work:

in the daily sales work of customized wardrobe manufacturers, with the continuous changes of the market, consumers gradually tend to be rational, The partners we face are also more cautious and rational in choosing products and projects, which requires us to understand the market, understand customer needs, understand the market development direction, and provide customers with more competitive solutions. In the process of developing the market, we should clearly understand several important issues, summarize and share with you. Stones from other mountains can be used to attack jade, and hope to bring you some help in future work:

1. In developing customers, are we promoting products

what exactly do we promote to dealers when developing customers? Is it a product (service)? Is it your strength? Is it price or profit margin? Neither, again. Why not? Because the dealer is not only concerned about a certain item, why is it all? Because these are all related. Dealers are concerned about the system composed of all these. This system is a money making scheme. There is only one criterion for evaluating this money making plan: is it the best way for customers to make money? Can you make money with the best products (services)? Not necessarily. Good products (services), but bad promotion, or services or prices, may affect the final money. Conversely, it is not necessarily the best products (services), but because the whole system is designed to be very competitive and profitable, it is still a good money making plan. We must get rid of the misunderstanding of simply selling products or services. What we sell to dealers is a systematic plan, a marketing plan that can help customers make long-term profits

2. Are we selling marketing policies and market support

the manufacturer's sales policy or promotion policy is only a manifestation of confidence for merchants, and it is also a means for manufacturers to make products quickly occupy the market. However, excessive support and promotion policies will make dealers dependent, and the policy can't be withdrawn, resulting in small profits for enterprises and even losses for enterprises, so that the policy can't be fulfilled. The so-called "product is skin, policy is hair, skin does not exist, how will hair attach"? If there is no opportunity for products, no matter how big the promotion support policy is, it will be weak. Low level sales is to promote the promotion policies of the enterprise to the dealers and emphasize the market support of the enterprise. What real sales promote to dealers is the marketing concept and mode of the enterprise. Without a marketing concept and marketing model that can convince dealers, there will be no action if you don't move

3. Can we find partners only if we have the price advantage

price can become a market competition strategy, but it will never become the only advantage for us to develop the market, while some traditional concepts believe that low price is good for development. After a deep study, it is not difficult to find that a new brand enters a new market with a low price as the market strategy. The first impression of this low price to dealers is the low-end brand or quality doubt you introduced. On the contrary, even if the high price investment fails, the high price products also give dealers more positive imagination space and win the respect of dealers. At the same time, the price advantage can only be a comparative advantage, not a core advantage, and does not have the ability to help the market grow continuously

the marketing director of Rongda Centennial wardrobe believes that a truly qualified sales manager should have the following price concept:

a. the worst-selling product in the market is the one with the lowest price. Good is also a flash in the pan. It is just a windy product and cannot grow continuously. Take car sales for example

b. What consumers are willing to buy and happy to buy are products that take advantage of, by no means the cheapest products. Why do you want to do promotional activities.... The price problem is a complex of psychological feeling and consumption level - whether it is worth (what scale), whether it is good (what standard, expectation, difficulty of detection means). The price problem is first of all a psychological problem, a psychological problem of exclusion and greed

c. The cheaper the product, the better to sell. Instead, it makes consumers feel that it can be sold only when they take advantage of it

d. the best selling products in the market are often the most active ones, not the products with the lowest prices or the best brands

4. Is developing customers simply verbal persuasion, or drinking and boasting

language is only superficial communication, without professional factual tools. No matter how well you say it, it is not convincing, and even seems pale. Mature sales managers can't just rely on Market Research Report and market operation analysis report. The plan is professionalism: first, we should make a detailed research on the market environment, market characteristics, consumption habits, consumption capacity, competition situation, etc., and make a market research plan. The second is to have a detailed market operation analysis report and market operation plan, and the third is to have professional market operation ability (management and operation ability)





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