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"New Year decoration saves money and is beneficial to construction. Is there any hidden danger in New Year decoration?"

"New Year decoration saves money and is beneficial to construction. Is there any hidden danger in New Year decoration?" Recently, many netizens who entered the New Year decoration asked us what we should pay attention to in the process of New Year decoration? To this end, we summed up the top ten precautions for decoration friends in the new year

first, arrange the time for new year's clothes. Although home decoration companies generally have a holiday 5 days before the holiday, many workers will settle their wages home 10 days before the holiday

therefore, decoration friends should negotiate with the home decoration company about the specific schedule of the New Year decoration: when to design, when to enter the site, what construction to complete before the new year, etc

second, specify construction workers and project managers in the contract. This is to avoid workers not coming to work or changing people after years, and to indicate in the contract how to solve such problems if they occur

third, make a purchase plan in advance. Because most decorators are busy during the period before the festival, it is necessary to make a plan in advance to prevent the owner from breaching the contract and disputes with the decoration company if he does not supply materials in time

fourth, do a good job in the moisture-proof work of materials. The plates on the construction site must not be placed directly on the ground, but should be padded with wood, not in the kitchen, bathroom, balcony and other places prone to moisture

fifth, don't catch up before the year. It is taboo to rush blindly in winter construction. If the rush period is before the new year, it is likely to cause hidden dangers of decoration. For example, if the first putty is not completely dry, the second putty will be applied, and the wall will crack and other quality problems will appear after completion

sixth, specify the construction acceptance before the year. The decorator should write down the problems clearly in the acceptance form to the decoration company, and at the same time, ask the other party to have a simple written commitment: when and by what means to solve the problems

seventh, before the Spring Festival shutdown workers leave the construction site, do a good job in the protection of finished and semi-finished products that have been completed. For example, the woodworking products made on site must be primed to prevent drying and cracking during shutdown

eighth, stop work and check before the year. For example, before all personnel leave the construction site, close the main valve of water, electricity and gas to prevent accidents

ninth, during the shutdown, if the owner has time, he can go to the construction site several times to ventilate the construction site, which is certainly beneficial to the indoor air quality after the completion, because this is the time when toxic and harmful substances are released from the decorative materials at the maximum

tenth, make preparations during the holiday and strive to enter the site before the peak season of home decoration next year. According to the experience of previous years, the home decoration market began to recover after the new year. It is best to plan the time and rush to construct before the peak season. Before entering the peak season, there are not many businesses in the hands of workers. Due to the small amount of work, there is no need to rush the construction period, so the construction quality is more guaranteed





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