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Now the market of door and window industry is booming, and there are more and more franchise stores of door and window, many of which are chaotic. I believe everyone knows this truth. Some door and window enterprises are shoddy, and their services can't keep up. Join a good door and window enterprise, a strong door and window enterprise, have professional training, and have a set of systematic services for customers before, during and after sales to win the market

pre sales - provide professional customized consulting

the main purpose is to do a good job in engineering planning and system analysis according to customer needs, so as to promote products to hide customer needs to a greater extent; When measuring the size of door-to-door (the time needs to be determined by customer service; it is available at any time), it is necessary to suggest the customer what color to match the doors and windows according to the customer's decoration style, so that the doors and windows can be integrated into the decoration style atmosphere

on sale - transparent and standardized services

various services provided directly or indirectly to customers. Reception service is the central content of on-sale service. When receiving customers, the salesperson turns the potential needs of customers into real needs through active, enthusiastic, patient and thoughtful service, so as to achieve the purpose of commodity sales. It can be said that in the process of commodity sales, reception service plays a decisive role in the success or failure of sales. The service quality of business personnel is directly related to the reputation of enterprises. Therefore, enterprises should standardize reception services and specify specific contents and requirements respectively. Regularly update the manufacturing progress of aluminum alloy doors and windows to customers; And order transportation progress

after sales - safe and carefree use of products

1. Install and debug aluminum alloy doors and windows for consumers

2. Provide technical guidance on the use of aluminum alloy doors and windows according to the requirements of consumers

3. Ensure the supply of aluminum alloy door and window maintenance parts

4. Be responsible for the maintenance service of aluminum alloy doors and windows, and provide regular maintenance

5. Provide regular telephone return visits or door-to-door return visits for buyers of aluminum alloy doors and windows

6. Deal with letters and visits from consumers and telephone complaints, and answer consumer inquiries. At the same time, consumers' opinions on the quality of doors and windows are collected in various ways and improved in time according to the situation

professional pre-sales, in-sales and after-sales services can enable consumers to buy satisfactory doors and windows and enjoy high-quality services, which makes it easier to catch customers, which also virtually makes word-of-mouth publicity for their own doors and windows


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