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New favorite of the market - John Deere 5000 Series tractors

new favorite of the market - John Deere 5000 Series tractors

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Guide: at the beginning of 2008, 5000 Series tractors were limited to the Chinese market. Due to the strong purchase desire of users, dealers' orders were very positive. Panjinyu, sales manager of Chifeng Huaye Agricultural Machinery Co., Ltd., said: at present, we have ordered 6 sets, of which 3 users have paid a deposit

at the beginning of 2008, 5000 Series tractors were limited to the Chinese market. Due to the strong purchase desire of users, dealers' orders were very positive. Panjinyu, sales manager of Chifeng Huaye Agricultural Machinery Co., Ltd., said: "we have ordered 6 sets, of which 3 users have already paid a deposit."

Zhengbaosen, the first user of the

5000 Series tractors in China, is an old user of John Deere. His family has contracted 1000 mu of land to plant corn and sunflowers, and is also working on the surrounding farms. The annual use time of his family's tractors is more than three times that of most regions. The annual net income of each tractor reaches 80000-100000 yuan. Zheng Baosen, who has been engaged in agricultural machinery service for 12 years, has used six Deere tractors. Speaking of his new purchase, Zheng Baosen's joy is reflected in his words: "I really like this car at the first sight. The chassis is high and the front wheel is wide. The engine is very powerful when working, and the gear setting is very reasonable." Many villagers came to see Zheng Baosen's new car. They were worried about whether the rear axle was thinner. Zheng Baosen explained to them: "the rear axle is imported, so it doesn't need to be that big. The performance of the car has been successfully verified for many years. Moreover, when I was driving and working, there was no abnormal noise at the rear axle."

hebaosheng of Daxing farm, Ongniud Banner, Chifeng City, Inner Mongolia, is also one of the users who paid the deposit in advance. He is the second tractor he purchased. His car purchase philosophy is: if you want to buy a tractor, you can buy a tractor with good quality and durability. He believes that the rear axle and gearbox of the 5000 series have a fairly good range, and the driving is very comfortable. In his words, it is "worth it"

wuyangning from gaoqu village, wanghong Town, Yongning County, Ningxia is the first user of 5000 Series in Ningxia. His son inherited his father's business and entered the agricultural machinery industry in the 1980s. He has used 9 Deere tractors. After a day of rotary tillage, he was very satisfied with the performance of the. "The gear shift is very comfortable, and the walking speed and operation efficiency are much higher than those of similar models." He said

5000 Series tractors sell well in the Chinese market. The first reason is that the horsepower section is set reasonably. The 75, 80 and 85 horsepower covered by this series in the Chinese market are the main models in the tractor market. At the same time, the price is reasonable and the cost performance is excellent. Although the wood is very cheap, the deeper reason is the excellent product quality of this series of tractors

star product

John Deere 5000 Series tractors are really star products. Since the 1990s, similar products of 5000 series have been widely used in the markets of Europe, the United States, India, Brazil and Mexico. In 2002, they won the "Gold Award of the American Society of agricultural machinery". With mature technology and domestic technical improvement, the 5000 series has become a tractor tailored by Deere for Chinese users

5000 Series tractors adopt streamlined appearance design. The arc shaped cab has good sealing, low noise and wide field of vision. The cab frame is made of high-strength and low-temperature resistant steel and has passed the national and international OECD safety standard certification

The basic configuration of the

5000 series tractor gearbox is to shift gears with meshing sleeves, which can be upgraded to synchronizer shift according to user needs, or to the most advanced power load shift in the world. Gearbox, lifter assembly and key hydraulic components (brake valve, hydraulic output valve, etc.) are imported, with reliable and durable quality. The transmission gear box adopts helical gear transmission and is equipped with forced lubrication system, with low failure rate; Hydrostatic braking system is adopted, which is labor-saving and reliable in operation and has excellent braking effect

in addition, 5000 Series tractors adopt a hydraulic steering system, which is easy to operate and flexible, with a minimum turning radius of 4m; The front axle of the four-wheel drive tractor adopts the symmetrical design of Dana company, with a central transmission shaft front axle, and a large steering angle of 52o. 12O table 5 shows the new and old standards for the door panel of a German car compared with the caster angle. The steering is more portable and flexible

5000 Series tractors have also made considerate consideration in terms of safety. They are equipped with a gear lever neutral start switch: the engine can be started only when the speed change handle is in the neutral or parking gear even in 2030, which can completely avoid the machine and personal accidents caused by the driver's misoperation

5000 Series tractors also have a good performance in humanized design. They use a hanging clutch and brake control mechanism, which is compact in structure and labor-saving in operation. The layout of the main and auxiliary gearshift levers is reasonable, and the joystick is humanized. The independent main and auxiliary clutch technology is adopted, the clutch is pressed by disc spring, and the friction plate is made of powder metallurgy material, so the combination and separation are more reliable. Under the condition of keeping the machine moving normally, the driver can easily realize the separation and combination operation of the power take-off shaft, which greatly improves the operation efficiency. The oil radiator can be easily removed from the water tank, which is convenient for users to clean the water tank and save energy

5000 Series tractors can better adapt to paddy field operation when equipped with optional components. It can also be equipped with a variety of agricultural machines and tools for supporting operation. It is suitable for rotary tillage and duplex operation, straw returning operation, sowing and supporting harvesting machinery, etc., which are the most widely used tractors in China. It is a real multi-purpose tractor

reliable after-sales guarantee

high quality and efficient after-sales service has always been John Deere's commitment to users. In March2008, John Deere China marketing department held three advanced training courses for 5000 Series tractors. The participants in the training were after-sales service engineers of dealers, after-sales service managers of John Deere, product support and other technical personnel. The training course strongly supported the on-site service after the 5000 series was put into the market

John Deere after sales service department plans to hold another seven 5000 series advanced training courses in 2008, covering all dealers selling this series of tractors and the service personnel of China market department, so as to ensure that new products receive high-quality after-sales service

when the first batch of 5000 Series tractors were delivered to users, John Deere's after-sales service backbone tracked the whole process and timely trained users to help users achieve the best use efficiency

5000 series is an important milestone in the history of John Deere tractor manufacturing in China. It has brought a new farming experience to Chinese users. John Deere will continue to develop products suitable for the Chinese market and with high cost performance to help Chinese users improve their farming income

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