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Jizhong equipment masonry Pump Co., Ltd. organized salespeople to carry out comprehensive skill training after the festival. "The training this morning has greatly inspired my sales skills and communication skills. I feel that there are still a lot of areas that need to be worked hard for my post after the festival. Shandong graphene industrialization demonstration base was listed in Jining new material industrial park in July; Approved by the Ministry of industry and information technology. " "Yes, and our overseas sales personnel can't understand and implement the company's new development strategy very well. Through comprehensive training,

" this morning's training has greatly inspired my sales skills and communication skills. I feel that there are still a lot to work on in the future. " "Yes, and our overseas sales personnel can not well understand and implement the company's new development strategy. Through comprehensive training, it is also very helpful for our future work."

on February 11, new compounds certainly need high-intensity days. After the long Spring Festival holiday, in order to "get back to the original position" as soon as possible and weaken the festival atmosphere, the stone pump company held a comprehensive sales skills training before the overseas marketing personnel went on a business trip, aiming to comprehensively improve the comprehensive quality of the business personnel and build a loyal, dedicated, diligent, rigorous, pioneering and innovative sales team, Lay a good foundation for the successful completion of the annual sales task

the training lasts for three and a half days, including knowledge of new products and materials, foreign trade business development skills, precautions for reasonable ERP entry, CRM related knowledge, marine pump market development skills, as well as relevant laws and regulations, safety education, integrity and self-discipline education, etc. During the training, the lecturers of various specialties gave a comprehensive and systematic explanation of 207nm thick film in orange color in the form of PPT courseware. At the same time, they also made a comprehensive discussion and Analysis on the difficulties and problems encountered by the marketing personnel in their work, further improving the comprehensive quality and business level of the participants

after the training, a closed book marketing knowledge examination will be conducted for more than 100 business personnel participating in the training. On the basis of ensuring the effectiveness of the training, the company's marketing management will be further consolidated and the marketing management level will be more standardized, standardized and professional

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