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On November 7, 2016, Jinyang, deputy general manager of Sinomach group, led a team to the school of machinery and rolling stock of Beijing University of technology to carry out a number of technical exchanges. Hujibin, executive vice president of Beijing Institute of technology, and other college leaders and relevant academic principals received president Jin and his delegation. After removing the main experimental force, the deputy general manager of Jinyang led a team to Beijing University of technology to carry out technical cooperation and exchange.

Beijing University of technology made a detailed introduction to the electric drive hybrid power, hydro mechanical stepless transmission, vehicle remote control and automatic driving, and both sides were able to get effective rectification. Focusing on the application of its technology in loaders, bulldozers, rollers, pavers, etc, Preliminary cooperation projects. Later, Mr. Jin and his delegation visited the laboratory of Beijing Institute of technology at Xishan campus

Xujie, deputy chief engineer of the group company, relevant personnel of Tiangong Institute, Changlin, Luoyang Company and so on participated in the exchange

research and export base of China's strategic emerging industry of new aluminum and electronic materials in Xinjiang

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