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The upsurge of auto insurance renewal at the end of the year saw a sharp increase in the call volume of PICC auto insurance. Recently, I visited several auto insurance sales companies and agencies. The new round of car purchase upsurge has driven the renewal and sales peak of major auto insurance enterprises. "As the new year approaches, many car owners have reached the renewal period of auto insurance," said a person in the property insurance industry

with the upsurge of insurance renewal at the end of the year, some consumers also expressed concern: the general rise in the price of automobile insurance at the end of the year will further increase the cost of car maintenance. In this regard, the experts said, "the increase is relative. The increase in price does not mean the increase in the contract price of automobile insurance. But because the CIRC has strengthened its supervision over the industry, the newly stipulated commercial automobile insurance preferences will give more consideration to the accident of motor vehicles for many years. Therefore, consumers can enjoy a relative increase in the 'preferential coefficient' when purchasing or renewing automobile insurance."

auto insurance renewal has become a highlight

according to the survey data of China Insurance News, 60% of car owners choose to "slim down" auto insurance at the end of the year. In addition, the newly stipulated preferential margin of commercial automobile insurance has been increased, which has further amplified the advantages of "affordable and convenient insurance" of automobile insurance, and has become more and more popular among car owners

Mr. Zhang, a citizen who has just renewed the insurance for his car, has fully accepted this new model since he adopted the auto insurance at the end of last year. On the one hand, auto insurance provides exclusive products, and the price can be reduced by 15% at most compared with traditional channels, which saves "real money"; On the other hand, insurance companies provide door-to-door insurance policy delivery services. It is very convenient to buy insurance when sitting in the office. This year, it's the renewal period again, and I chose auto insurance without hesitation

introduction to the person in charge of PICC motor insurance, "In addition to the maximum discount of 15% for private car commercial insurance, the biggest advantage of PICC Property Insurance lies in the service brand 'auto insurance steward', which provides four basic services, i.e. door-to-door service, consultation, rapid claim settlement and claim return visit, as well as a number of value-added services, such as accident car custody and free trailer service. Consumers can sit at home and complete the consultation, quotation, filling in the policy and swiping the card to pay through auto insurance insurance The whole insurance process, such as insurance fee and insurance policy distribution, is very convenient. "

according to the survey data of Tencent in December: in terms of the channels for users to purchase auto insurance, the purchase rate of auto insurance selected by users is as high as 38%, and insurance has become one of the important channels for car owners to purchase auto insurance. The upsurge of insurance renewal at the end of the year led to a high number of auto insurance seats in many property insurance companies. Taking PICC auto insurance as an example, the current monthly auto insurance call volume has doubled compared with the first half of the year. Only in December (as of the 23rd), the volume of vehicle insurance calls was more than 15% higher than that of the whole month in November

"there are more renewal customers consulting insurance types and asking for quotations in the new material industry than in previous months. Sometimes just after they put it down, another user immediately calls in." A customer service staff of PICC Property Insurance and automobile insurance told them that near the end of the year, they were overwhelmed by a large number of incoming calls

"soft power" strongly guarantees the growth of incoming calls.

the insurance mode of auto insurance has indeed made the majority of car owners enjoy convenience and convenience. It is found that how to ensure the call center to operate more effectively at a high speed has also become an important task for the operation of property insurance telemarketing companies

as the leader of the domestic automobile insurance market, PICC P & C has been deeply involved in the field of automobile insurance for many years. In terms of service network, PICC P & C has more than 10000 institutions, more than 320 e-marketing service institutions, and a claim settlement team of more than 30000 people all over the country. Since the launch of auto insurance, the "95518" service line has more than 3000 seats and more than 4000 professional service teams, with more than 250000 calls in and out every day, forming a service network covering the whole country. Relying on its strong strength, PICC auto insurance plans to reach 10million customers within five years

soft power determines hard power. In response, wangyincheng, President of PICC Property Insurance, said in an interview, "PICC Property Insurance has always led the development of China's non life insurance market. In order to achieve this strategic goal, we must strive to achieve four" first-class ", namely, first-class risk identification and control ability, first-class service and sales ability. 1 The pulley on the toothed rod and its track are excessively dusty and rusted, with first-class operation and management ability and first-class profit making ability. At the level of operation management, PICC P & C proposes to build an operation and management model with specialization, standardization, centralization and differentiation as the main content, and the combination of product line profit units and regional profit centers. At the same time, it is necessary to strengthen the construction of organizational capabilities such as leadership, cultural, executive and professional capabilities. "

2010 is coming to an end. In the unpredictable market environment, China's insurance industry in 2010 staged a magnificent turn of "going against the trend and breaking through the barriers", with frequent new laws for industry construction and bright spots for structural adjustment. Automobile insurance is well deserved to be one of the shining stars. Automobile insurance can gain the enthusiasm and favor of consumers. The whole property insurance industry, represented by PICC Property Insurance, does not "rush forward" for "happiness", let alone "wrap up" for "worry". At the same time, Chinese property insurance companies have realized that only "soft power" can make their development faster and more stable... Golden Goat

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