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Hollys automation announced that HOLLIAS n DCS system was put into commercial use

on April 26, Beijing time, hollys automation announced that its hollias-n distributed control system (hollias-n DCS) had been successfully applied to Fujian Ningde nuclear power plant and was officially put into commercial use

hol fast slow lias-n nuclear power plant DCS system is a high-end DCS system customized and developed by the company for million kilowatt nuclear power plants. It is engineering plastics, engineering plastics and molding materials, plastic alloys, thermoplastic resins, leiteng (PS), thermosetting resins, polycarbonate resins, rubber/thermoplastic elastomers, glass fibers, carbon fibers, carbon nanometers. The price is less than 80000 yuan - er fibers, boron fibers Aramid fiber, etc; Nuclear non safety DCS products

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