Hollysys successfully won the bid for six LNG stor

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Hollysys successfully won the bid for the six LNG emergency reserve center projects of natural gas storage and transportation in Henan Province

2020 is destined to be an extraordinary year. In this special period of fighting the epidemic, every enterprise and every employee shoulder their own and missions, such as the bottleneck in tackling key strategic materials and technologies. During the epidemic period, Hollysys people didn't close their work, and the service was constantly on file. They worked remotely, and continued to provide services to customers, taking into account the construction progress requirements of the project and the interests of customers to the greatest extent

at this moment, the good news that Hollysys won the bid for six LNG emergency reserve center projects in Henan Province has more extraordinary significance

Hollysys successfully won the bid for the general contracting project monitoring system of six LNG emergency reserve centers of Henan natural gas storage and Transportation Co., Ltd., which includes SCADA, DCS, SIS, GDS, OTs and dispatching center system

project background

the demand for natural gas varies greatly in the light and peak seasons. The completion of this project will enable Henan to have a gas storage capacity of about 1billion cubic meters, so as to effectively solve the problem of emergency peak shaving of natural gas in the province. The six LNG emergency reserve centers are located in Zhengzhou, Zhoukou, Luoyang, Zhumadian, Jiaozuo and Nanyang respectively. The gas storages are built close to the provincial-level natural gas pipeline off load stations. During emergency support or peak shaving in winter, the LNG in the stations is pressurized and gasified and sent to the provincial-level gas transmission trunk lines nearby for transmission to all gas consuming counties and cities

Henan natural gas storage and Transportation Co., Ltd. is an excellent enterprise under Henan investment group, which is responsible for the construction of three-level gas storage and peak shaving system. The project was evaluated as a national demonstration project by the national development and Reform Commission. Generally speaking, the six LNG emergency reserve centers included in the project are designed and purchased by five general contracting engineering companies, with a large geographical span. In the design and bidding process of the project, the Hollysys project team gave full play to the spirit of unity and cooperation. It was coordinated by the oil and Gas Industry Department of Hangzhou Hollysys Automation Co., Ltd. and led by the Zhengzhou liaison office. It also cooperated with the liaison offices in Xi'an, Shijiazhuang, Shanghai and Nanjing to connect with local engineering companies respectively to establish an internal efficient communication and cooperation mode. During the one-year negotiation, we had in-depth exchanges with users and local engineering companies, and repeatedly confirmed the technical details. Finally, Hollysys team won the bid with its strong technical strength and rich project experience in the oil and gas industry

the winning of the project is a milestone for Hollysys in the field of using suitable hydraulic oil and natural gas business. It is of great significance in the city's eight strategic emerging industries, which fully proves the industry's high recognition of Hollysys' independently controllable, safe and reliable products and solutions. In the future, Hollysys will also continue to improve its core technological advantages, steadily develop in the oil and gas industry, deeply cultivate the market, help users quickly transform and upgrade to intelligence, and make every effort to provide high-value services for users' efficient operation and optimized management

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