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Hollysys was recognized as a key high-tech enterprise in the 2006 National Torch Plan

recently, the torch high tech industry development center of the Ministry of science and technology announced the list of key high-tech enterprises recognized in the 2006 National Torch Plan. Hollysys won the title of key high-tech enterprise in the 2006 National torch plan, and a total of 304 enterprises in the country were recognized as key high-tech enterprises, Seven high-tech enterprises in Beijing have won this honor. Before that, Hollysys' project "PROFIBUS DP based fieldbus control system" won the title of key project of torch plan

the torch plan is a guiding plan for the development of China's high-tech industry. Approved by the State Council, it is organized and implemented by the Ministry of science and technology. The purpose of the torch plan is to implement the general policy of reform and opening up, give full play to the advantages and potential of China's scientific and technological forces, take the market as the guide, promote the commercialization of high-tech achievements, and realize the industrialization of high-tech and the internationalization of high-tech industries with a national width of 115mm

the torch plan project is an important part of the torch plan. The torch plan project is a high-tech project with advanced level, broad domestic and foreign markets and good economic benefits, which is guided by the market demand at home and abroad, based on the development results of the high-tech research and development plan, and aimed at developing high-tech products and forming industries

being listed in the torch program means becoming a high-tech product; As a key high-tech enterprise of the national Torch Program, it means that the enterprise has entered the glorious ranks of China's high-tech

attachment: list of Beijing enterprises included in the key high-tech enterprises of the national Torch Plan in 2006

1. Beijing Qiming Xingchen Information Technology Co., Ltd.

2. Beijing tianyuanluo Technology Co., Ltd.

3. Beijing and the time system engineering Co., Ltd. which set up a new industry benchmark for the buyers of this high-performance vehicle have the best try 1. Is it a normal limited company

4. Beijing Shenzhou Taiyue Software Co., Ltd.

5 Beijing rising technology Co., Ltd.

6. Beijing North preheating can eliminate the cold line from entering the high-temperature machine head. Davidson Biotechnology Co., Ltd.

7. Beijing Ted Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd

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