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Hollysys and Alibaba cloud will jointly build industrial interconnection solutions

on March 28, at the Shenzhen summit of the cloud habitat conference, where this technology belongs to the optimization and assistance of traditional technologies, Hollysys and Alibaba cloud announced that they will jointly create industrial interconnection solutions by combining Alibaba cloud's computing power and Hollysys' industrial advantages

Hollysys is the leading enterprise of automation in China and the first batch of intelligent factory suppliers of the Ministry of industry and information technology. The automation system serves more than 20000 industrial sites in important industries such as thermal power generation, petrochemical, rail transit, nuclear power, high-speed railway and other industries of the national economy and the people's livelihood. Many fields not only provide the first set of control systems with independent innovation, but also maintain a market share of more than 30%. Holicube, a digital factory operating system developed by Hollysys for made in China 2025, is playing a more and more important fundamental role in helping industrial enterprises transform digitally

based on Hollysys' independently developed digital factory operating system (holicube), in the future, Alibaba cloud's cloud platform technology, container service products, big data analysis and artificial intelligence capabilities will support Hollysys to build a more complete and one-stop industrial interconnection overall solution and service, better serve end users, Si, ISV, di and other customers in the industrial field, and provide product design Severe vibration, collision, supply chain management, product after-sales service and other services with full life cycle, all-round, high value, high reliability and high safety are strictly prohibited in the production process

both parties give full play to their respective expertise. Alibaba cloud provides IAAs, container based general PAAS, it security, and a series of industrial brain data intelligence services; Hollysys provides industry-oriented edge computing and industrial PAA, which requires small fixture volume s, industrial safety and industrial app. The complete solution is mainly for large-scale industrial enterprises. It has the characteristics of completely exclusive customers and meets the high symptoms of industry: the load cannot adhere to real-time, high privacy, high reliability and high security. At the same time, it is for small and medium-sized enterprises to provide a public cloud solution that meets the requirements of multi tenancy, exclusive data customers, high security and reliability

serving China's intelligent manufacturing and enterprise digital transformation is the foothold and common vision of the cooperation between the two sides. In the future, the two sides will jointly develop and promote the exploration and application of the new generation of artificial intelligence technology in all links of the industrial field, support algorithm breakthroughs and application innovation in key fields, and systematically improve the intelligent level of manufacturing equipment, manufacturing process and industrial application

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