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Assisting in the construction of new countryside, Hitachi construction machinery products obtained the agricultural machinery test appraisal certificate

assisting in the construction of new countryside, Hitachi construction machinery products obtained the agricultural machinery test appraisal certificate

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recently, Hitachi construction machinery's two mini hydraulic excavators, zxa and zx60c-5a, both passed the review of the agricultural machinery technology accreditation standard of dg/t agricultural excavators issued by the Ministry of agriculture and rural areas, The "agricultural machinery test and appraisal certificate" issued by Hitachi marked another solid step in helping China's agricultural mechanization process and the construction of a new countryside

Hitachi zxa and zx60c-5a mini hydraulic excavators won the "agricultural machinery test and appraisal certificate"

the 19th CPC National Congress proposed to implement the Rural Revitalization Strategy and promote agricultural and rural modernization. Among them, agricultural mechanization is an important and inevitable requirement for the development of modern agriculture. "Promoting the all-round development of agricultural mechanization" has become an important content of the government work report over the years. During the 14th Five Year Plan period, in order to thoroughly implement the guiding opinions of the State Council on accelerating the transformation and upgrading of agricultural mechanization and agricultural machinery equipment industry, the agricultural machinery industry will move towards a more efficient, intelligent and environmental protection direction

the zxa hydraulic excavator of Hitachi construction machinery, which has been recognized by the government this time, has excellent power output, high reliability, low consumption and energy-saving properties. Its flexible and efficient characteristics meet the new needs of rural and urban construction. The product is equipped with a rare full electronic speed regulating engine in the same ton of products, and integrates EGR system and clutch fan, with outstanding fuel efficiency; Independent slewing 3 pump hydraulic system and large capacity bucket bring efficient operation performance; The lower walking body, D-shaped frame, front-end device and other key parts have been reinforced to ensure the safety and durability of the equipment. In addition, in terms of space comfort, handling and maintenance convenience, zxa also fully considers the needs of customers and improves the added value of products

another zx60c-5a with an identification certificate is a star product released by Hitachi construction machinery in early 2020. Through the optimized design of the driving space, the control vision and comfort of the equipment have obvious advantages over products of the same level. At the same time, the zx60c-5a adopts a full electronic speed regulating engine and Hitachi HHH high-performance hydraulic system, which shows its strength in the smoothness of power output and energy conservation and emission reduction. It has been welcomed by customers since its listing

thanks to the technical advantages and quality assurance of Hitachi construction machinery products, zxa and zx60c-5a mini hydraulic excavators have excellent performance in power, energy consumption, safety, durability, comfort and other aspects, and have good market promotion value. At the same time, Hitachi construction machinery has more than 200 service points across the country, which can provide customers with timely and professional service support and genuine parts supply. With the help of the intelligent comprehensive response system of connite, it brings the after-sales management of equipment into the digital network platform, and strives to reduce the downtime loss of customers. Under the dual wheel drive of carrying products and improving services for electronic universal experimental machines with high quality, Hitachi construction machinery will continue to inject energy into agricultural mechanization and new rural construction, deeply tap the diversified needs of the Chinese market, and constantly bring better products to Chinese customers

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