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Hitachi (China) Co., Ltd. (Chairman: Nobunaga/hereinafter referred to as: Hitachi (China)) announced that it would join five of its group companies to participate in the "10th China international Electromechanical Products Expo" (hereinafter referred to as the "Expo") held at Wuhan International Convention and Exhibition Center from September 23 to 26, 2009

Green electromechanical strategic pioneer

in December 2008, Hitachi Group held "Hitachi Exhibition 2008" in Wuhan with the theme of energy conservation and environmental protection, which opened the door to the central and Western markets. Since then, Hitachi Group has held regular exchange activities with the Hubei provincial government and Wuhan municipal government to understand the needs of local governments and enterprises, and accordingly formulated the strategy for Hitachi Group to enter the central and Western markets. And electromechanical became the first business to enter the central and Western markets

Hubei has a solid foundation in mechanical and electrical manufacturing industry in history. In 1999, under the initiative of Wu Yi, then state councilor, Wuhan, Hubei Province, hosted an International Machinery Expo to improve the level of modern manufacturing in the central and western regions. After nine years of development, the Machinery Expo has become the only national level international Electromechanical professional Expo held in the central and western regions. The theme of this exhibition is "technological innovation, green electromechanical"

Hitachi Group started its business with a five horsepower motor. After yielding in the mechanical and electrical field - the moving speed of the movable collet of the experimental machine under load is no more than 0.5l/min. It has a history of nearly 100 years. In the process of continuous development, it has integrated the technology and concept of energy conservation and environmental protection into all aspects of mechanical and electrical products. There are more than 100 products and solutions in Beijing alone. The products and solutions participating in the Machinery Expo are closely related to the theme of "green mechanical and electrical", It covers automobile, steel, chemical industry, water treatment, electric tools and other industries. Hitachi booth also integrates the new corporate image strategy of "harmony of all things and action creation", and introduces Hitachi's business in the electromechanical field in four exhibition areas of "water, fire, earth and wind". The new corporate image depicts the four magical, pure and clean dream worlds of water, fire, earth and wind, and represents the four important aspects of Hitachi Group's energy conservation and environmental protection undertakings in China

relying on Wuhan to expand the central and western regions

Hubei Province has been established as the strategic fulcrum of "the rise of central China" by China and undertakes the important mission of industrial transfer in coastal areas. Wuhan, the provincial capital, has been known as the "thoroughfare of nine provinces" since ancient times, and the greater Wuhan metropolitan area has been established as the "national resource-saving and environment-friendly society (" two oriented society ") construction comprehensive supporting reform pilot area". With huge development potential and strong market demand, it will be an important driving force for the economic take-off in the central and western regions. Therefore, Hitachi (China) plans to establish an office in Wuhan this year in order to further enhance its brand influence, explore new markets and deepen its advantageous fields in the central and western regions. In the future, Wuhan Office will become a bridgehead for Hitachi to expand the central and Western markets

contribution of social innovation to China

the once-in-a-century financial crisis in 2008 also had a great impact on China. The Chinese government has put forward an economic revitalization plan to actively stimulate domestic demand, and large-scale infrastructure construction and accompanying energy construction are in full swing. The central and western regions have increasingly arduous tasks in improving infrastructure construction, providing clean energy, and upgrading traditional high energy consuming industries

under the impact of the financial crisis in 2009, Hitachi Group also reflected on its core competitiveness as the skeleton of semi-rigid dashboard and air duct materials. The executive chairman and President of Hitachi Kawamura put forward the business policy of "social innovation". Hitachi Group is one of the few multinational companies in the world with strong strength in the fields of "social infrastructure" and "it infrastructure". "Social innovation enterprise" makes use of Hitachi Group's core competitiveness to integrate social infrastructure industry with it and upgrade traditional industries in the fields of information and communication system, power system, environment/industry/transportation system and social/urban system. Hitachi Group hopes to achieve sustainable social development through "social innovation"

Nobunaga Ono, the general representative of Hitachi in China, said: "Hitachi Group, which has entered the Chinese market for 30 years, will also take the business policy of 'social innovation' as the guideline in China to provide products and technical support that integrate energy-saving and environmental protection technologies and ideas and promote industrial upgrading for the rising central and Western markets, so as to contribute to the green rise of the central and western regions."

Hitachi exhibition stand: Booth T5 in the central hall of Wuhan International Convention and Exhibition Center

about Hitachi

Hitachi Group is a leading electronic and electrical enterprise in the world. Its headquarters (tse:6501/nyse:hit) is located in Tokyo, with about 400 million employees around the world. In 2008 (April 1, 2008 to March 31, 2009), the turnover reached 100.3 billion yen (about 102 billion US dollars). Hitachi provides systems, products and services for the society in a wide range of business fields, including information and communication systems, electronic equipment, power/industrial systems, digital media/household appliances, high-performance materials, logistics and services, financial services, etc. For more information, please visit Hitachi station ()

Hitachi in China

China is one of Hitachi's most important markets. Hitachi has about 133 group companies with 62000 employees in China (as of the end of March 2009). Hitachi's business in China covers a wide range of fields, including power and industrial equipment systems, building systems, urban transportation systems, information and communication systems, medical systems, consumer electronics, construction and resource development systems, automotive systems and automotive system materials, information electronics, and components and materials for digital home appliances. In 2008 (from April 1, 2008 to March 31, 2009), Hitachi Group's sales in China reached 1078.5 billion yen (about $11billion), accounting for 10.8% of Hitachi Group's overall global sales. By 2010, Hitachi's business in China is expected to reach US $13billion

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