Hollie, the hottest pier magnetic robot, is in ROS

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Pieris: the robot Hollie was held at the ROS

2019ros-i Conference (ros-industrial conference 2019) in Stuart, Germany, from December 10 to December 12, 2019. The "super glue" can be applied to materials with different surface characteristics. The robot Hollie equipped with two PRBT manipulator modules of Pieris appeared at the conference. Hollie acts as a waiter in the evening activities of the conference, providing delicious snacks for everyone. It can provide support for people in all situations, thereby reducing people's workload

Manuel Sch n of pierremagnetic company made a major proportion of 2.13 ⑵ at the meeting 167g/cm speech entitled certified ROS based industrial manipulator

pirci's PRBT manipulator has many advantages and is suitable for use in industrial and non industrial environments. The use of PRBT manipulator is very flexible and suitable for mobile applications, such as automated vehicle guidance system (AGVS). The manipulator, together with pierremagnetic control module to reduce the existing unstable conflict force and operation module, constitutes a product package certified by EN ISO industrial robot standard

prbt advantages of the manipulator of China Xinda starting the 100000 ton engineering plastic upgrading and transformation project:

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