Hitachi chemical will produce photosensitive films

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Hitachi chemical will produce photosensitive films in China

Hitachi Chemical Industry Corporation of Japan recently announced that it will build a factory to produce photosensitive films in Dongguan, Guangdong Province, China. This film will be applied to the circuit of printed wiring board

according to local media reports, the total investment of the factory is about 2billion US dollars. It is scheduled to be put into operation in April next year, with an annual production capacity of 50million square meters

previously, the company has set up photosensitive film factories in Japan and Malaysia, with an annual production capacity of 150million square meters. In the past, products used in China have always been imported from these two countries. Considering that China's photosensitive film market is increasing at an annual growth rate of more than 10%, This company "The ideal processing method depends on the type of graphene you are using and the standard processing parameters of the polymer. The company believes that the impact tester is qualified in measurement and decides to produce this product in China.

it is reported that the global annual demand for photosensitive films is about 400million square meters, and Hitachi Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. currently accounts for 26% of the market share.

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