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Hohhot uses drone high-altitude patrol to help the western urban area to demolish violations accurately

"in taigemu village, taigemu Town, TUZUO banner, drone Patrol has found more than 10 violations, and the urban management department is requested to coordinate with the land and urban construction departments for on-site verification." On November 16, the staff of the headquarters office of the special action for the comprehensive improvement of the urban environment in Hohhot, in conjunction with the UAV brigade of the municipal urban management and comprehensive law enforcement bureau, launched UAVs to conduct high-altitude inspections in taigemu village, taigemu Town, TUZUO banner, boosting the orderly implementation of the demolition of violations in the western urban area

the choice of accessories for the experimental machine on that day was also crucial. At about 10 p.m., the UAV operated by law enforcement officers lifted off in taigemu village. It was seen at the scene that the multi rotor UAV that lifted off was equipped with a high-definition motion camera, which rose to a height of 100 meters in more than a dozen seconds, took aerial photos of the ground from high altitude, and used the high-definition camera to transmit the surrounding conditions to the monitoring screen terminal in real time through signals. The drone patrolled at high altitude, and the law enforcement personnel searched for illegal buildings on the monitoring screen at the same time. In only about 10 minutes, the drone completed the patrol of taigemu village, and found that there were more than 10 illegal building points

At about 10:30, the law enforcement personnel of TUZUO banner urban management, urban construction and land and resources departments came to the scene and began to check the illegal construction points found by the UAV. Within 20 minutes, the Taige animal husbandry branch of TUZUO Banner Urban Construction Administration issued a "Notice of demolition within a time limit" for an act of changing the use nature of the homestead to build a warehouse, and the Taige animal husbandry center of TUZUO Banner Land and Resources Administration issued a "Notice of order to stop illegal acts" for an act of starting the construction of a greenhouse without approval

"this is much faster than patrolling next to the streets and lanes. On June 19, many illegal buildings are in the yard. Once the gate is closed, we can't obtain evidence. UAVs are really fast and accurate." TUZUO banner, an urban management and law enforcement team member said

Wei Zhi, director of the emergency disposal and science and technology research and development center of Hohhot urban management and Law Enforcement Bureau, told that at present, the UAV used by the UAV brigade of Hohhot urban management and Law Enforcement Bureau has a flying height of 120 meters and a patrol radius of 5 kilometers. It can record information by taking photos and video. Especially in aerial photography, it has the advantages of good mobility, strong timeliness, convenience and flexibility, and a wide range of patrol, Free from the constraints of space and terrain conditions, it can obtain first-hand information on the spot and provide timely and accurate high-resolution remote sensing data. It can not only save a lot of human and material resources, but also obtain evidence conveniently and quickly. To a certain extent, this trend has been promoted by the purchase preference of millennial generation 1, and it can be found, controlled and handled at the first time. In addition, drones can also be used to comprehensively check and understand the effects of urban management at different times, providing a detailed and accurate objective basis for comprehensive analysis and research to solve difficult problems in management

Zhang Zongguang, a staff member of the headquarters office of the Hohhot urban environment comprehensive improvement special action, said that Hohhot currently supervises and deals with illegal construction through various channels, such as introduction of low-temperature trough categories, satellite photography, unmanned aerial vehicle inspection, urban management and law enforcement personnel inspection, and receiving reports from citizens, so as to always maintain a high-pressure situation, strengthen the investigation and punishment of illegal construction, and strive to contain illegal construction in the bud, Create a good living and construction environment for the western urban area. (sunyuelong) (editor in charge: Zhao MengYue, Zhang Xuedong)

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