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Adhere to quality integrity Hitachi construction machinery won the honor of 2017 national construction machinery industry quality leading brand

adhere to quality integrity Hitachi is a construction machine that adapts to a relatively large pull and won the honor of 2017 national construction machinery industry quality leading brand

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recently, the 2017 "national industry quality leading brand" exhibition announcement launched by China Quality Inspection Association came to an end, Excellent enterprises that have firmly fulfilled their quality commitments in various industries and fields have been listed one after another, gathering the strength of integrity to jointly build a "quality power". Hitachi construction machinery (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. won this honor again after being rated as the "leading brand in quality in the national construction machinery industry" in 2016, showing its benchmark influence recognized by the government, the industry, customers and the public

Hitachi construction machinery won the 2017 national construction machinery industry quality leading brand

as a quality inspection industry organization and quality professional community under the supervision of the General Administration of quality supervision, inspection and Quarantine of the people's Republic of China, the sponsor, China Quality Inspection Association, has carried out quality leading enterprise theme publicity activities for 18 consecutive years, aiming to promote the construction of social integrity, establish integrity models, and advocate enterprises to consciously fulfill the society. Since entering the Chinese market, Hitachi construction machinery has always taken quality as the guide and value as the core, committed to creating long-term value for Chinese customers, and won extensive trust and praise. Research on the use of this device by the United Finance Association. Since its establishment in 1996, the sales volume of Hitachi Jianji hydraulic excavator products in China has exceeded 120000 units. Its advanced performance and excellent quality are deeply recognized by all walks of life, and has won quite a lot in various authoritative industry evaluations

taking the opportunity of the listing of 5A series excavators, Hitachi construction machinery showed high-quality product competitiveness at the time of the introduction of the new national emission standard. In the selection of "2015 China Construction machinery annual product Top50", Hitachi construction machinery zx170lc-5a hydraulic excavator won the "Gold Award for technological innovation". Its high-pressure common rail electronically controlled fuel injection system, hiosiii artificial intelligence system and other innovative technologies meet the new market needs and have a profound industry influence. At cmiic2015 (China Construction Machinery Industry interconnection conference and brand event), Hitachi zx690lch-5a large excavator, which is suitable for mining operations and equipped with imported high-power engines, won the honor of "complete machine star product" again after 2014, and has been put into use in mining projects in Inner Mongolia, Hebei and other places, showing strong power and excellent efficiency

Hitachi construction machinery zx170lc-5a hydraulic excavator

Hitachi construction machinery zx690lch-5a large excavator

as a representative of small excavators, Hitachi construction machinery ZX crawler hydraulic excavator has won high praise from customers by virtue of Hitachi's original imported green engine, EGR system, independent rotary 3 pump hydraulic system and other leading features, and has won the "market performance Gold Award" of "2016 China Construction machinery annual product Top50". Subsequently, Hitachi construction machinery Zha won the cmiic2016 craftsman's boutique award. The new trias-hs hybrid system was combined with the 3-pump 3-valve hydraulic system, which raised the green revolution of the industry with an 18% efficiency improvement (compared with zxa). Hitachi construction machinery excavator is listed in almost every heavyweight annual selection. Its superior technology, Panshi quality and gold medal service have established a sufficient customer trust mechanism

Hitachi construction machinery ZX hydraulic excavator

Hitachi construction machinery Zha excavator

at present, Hitachi construction machinery 5A series excavators have fully entered the Chinese market and made outstanding contributions to the industrial upgrading in the field of construction machinery. The data shows that in February 2017, the sales volume of 5A series products exceeded 1000 units per month, ranking among the top in the industry. As a star product, zxa excavator is widely favored by customers in various industries. The original imported environment-friendly engine and the power system that meets the national 3 emission standard have achieved excellent energy consumption ratio. The integrated welded X-beam, D-section frame and reinforced cockpit make the equipment durable. The personalized design of expansion water tank, centralized pump room and multi-function monitor saves time and effort for daily use and maintenance. In 2017, 5A series excavators represented by zxa will continue to perform well and help more customers realize their dreams

Hitachi construction machinery zxa excavator

in addition to all-round product quality assurance, Hitachi construction machinery always pays attention to the continuous upgrading of service quality, especially in the "Internet +" era, the global e-service management system introduced by Hitachi construction machinery and the consite intelligent comprehensive response system highlight the value of cutting-edge science and technology. Through the global e-service platform, Hitachi construction machinery and its agents can share equipment information with customers, conduct regular inspection and fault diagnosis, and actively reduce downtime. Using the onsite system based on ICT technology, Hitachi construction machinery can accurately grasp the working state of the machine, timely give fault warnings to customers, and reduce maintenance costs for equipment manufacturers of recycled plastic granulators. In the future, technological elements aimed at strengthening customer experience will continue to be used by Hitachi construction machinery to achieve the service goal of customer satisfaction No.1

adhering to quality integrity is not only the proper meaning of market players in the business process, but also the core driving force to promote the progress of enterprises and industries. For China's construction machinery industry, which is still in the adjustment period of imported and domestic sensors, quality integrity is more significant. Under the guidance of the goal of "building a country with strong quality" during the 13th Five Year Plan period, Hitachi construction machinery will actively promote the innovation and upgrading of products and services, practice the society, and constantly condense the positive energy of industry models

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