Jilin Petrochemical wins the battle for benefits

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In the first 11 months of this year, Jilin Petrochemical Company processed 7.2564 million tons of crude oil and produced 602500 tons of ethylene, achieving a main business income of 42.7 billion yuan and a year-on-year loss of 1.88 billion yuan. Facing the adverse situation of increasing downward pressure on the economy and low product prices, Jilin Petrochemical won the battle of efficiency by relying on refined management and hard work

for enterprises with multiple sets of large chemical plants, safe and stable operation is the greatest benefit. To this end, Jilin Petrochemical has carried out a long-term operation of equipment this year, and the stable operation rate of the device has reached 99.68%. According to reports, since the beginning of the year, Jilin Petrochemical 18 production units have 1209 consumption indicators of all varieties, and 870 consumption indicators have been steadily reduced. Among them, 664 important consumption indicators, such as comprehensive loss rate of oil refining, single factor energy consumption of oil refining, comprehensive energy consumption of ethylene, and unit consumption of fresh water, have reached the best level in history, achieving an efficiency of 105 million yuan

based on existing resources, Jilin Petrochemical focuses on production optimization. This year, it raised more than 100 optimization issues, with a cumulative effect of 470million yuan

the stability and reliability of the system have been greatly improved. Jilin Petrochemical is also implementing refined management in business. For example, strengthening the management of reducing procurement costs has saved 245million yuan since this year; Strengthen the visits to users, carry out research on the integration of production, marketing and research, and product quality, and the market share of the main products continues to rise; Carry out analysis on 10 special topics, such as labor costs, welfare costs and maintenance costs, and strictly control non productive expenditures

SUN Shuzhen, general manager of Jilin Petrochemical, pointed out that adhering to scientific and technological innovation and improving the quality of development are important experiences for Jihua to reduce losses and increase efficiency. Since the beginning of this year, the company has organized and carried out the research and development work of the top ten scientific and technological bottlenecks, 40 achievements transformation industries, industrial trials, pilot scale-up and key pilot trials, as well as 47 topics in four categories. Eight of the top ten scientific and technological bottlenecks have been tackled, and the development of new products of seven brands and the transformation of four achievements have been completed at the same time. A total of 48 scientific research achievements were made throughout the year, and 10 awards at the provincial and ministerial level and above were obtained. These achievements have not only created considerable benefits, but also contributed to the weakness and upgrading of Jilin Petrochemical

accelerate the pace of reform, stimulate internal vitality, and make Jilin Petrochemical take on a new look. Carrying out the pilot project of expanding business autonomy is an important measure for Jilin Petrochemical Company to take advantage of PetroChina's reform policy, delegate business autonomy to the company's internal independent accounting units, improve efficiency and stimulate vitality. For example, as the first batch of pilot units, the fine chemicals factory will have greater freedom in the comprehensive balance of human property, production, supply and marketing, which will bring greater vitality to the enterprise. In addition, in order to better mobilize the enthusiasm of employees, Jilin Petrochemical continued to improve the wage performance linkage mechanism, and the other was to protect the safety of the experimental personnel by setting up a "big pot" to stimulate the enthusiasm of employees to perform their duties

since 2012, Jihua, which has suffered long-term losses, has reduced its losses year after year. Last year, the loss fell to 4.09 billion yuan, and since this year, it has reduced its losses by 1.88 billion yuan. It is expected that the loss at the end of the year will be only one third of its peak

Qiu Ke, Secretary of the Party committee of Jilin Petrochemical, said that Jilin Petrochemical is currently in a critical period of adjustment, transformation and upgrading. The company will focus on quality and efficiency, practice internal skills, strengthen management, and strive for greater victory in the battle of efficiency

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