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Jilin has taken many measures to promote the upgrading of the supply side structure of the automotive industry

recently, it was learned from the Jilin Provincial Department of industry and information technology that in order to ensure that by 2020, the provincial automobile production capacity will reach 4million, and the domestic market share will exceed 10%; Self owned brand vehicles account for 20% of the provincial total vehicles; The total output value of the automobile industry in the province has exceeded 800 billion yuan, and the local matching rate of parts and components in the province has been increased to 50%. With the realization of the transformation and upgrading goal, Jilin Province has begun to implement a number of strong measures, especially focusing on the upgrading of the supply side structure. It is undoubtedly highly targeted to strengthen industrial integration, adjust the industrial structure, and make up for industrial weaknesses

it is understood that Jilin Province is currently actively promoting the upgrading of the supply side structure of the automotive industry mainly from four aspects. In terms of adjusting the industrial structure, first, promote the development of self owned brand cars, especially support the accelerated development of Hongqi brand cars, in order to improve their brand value as soon as possible; Accelerate the development of high-quality Hongqi upgraded H7, new H5 and other high-end cars, new ls5, hs7, HS5 and other high-end SUVs and H3 pure electric cars, and form a relatively complete product series covering b/c/d high-end cars, SUVs, new energy and so on; Promote the development of Pentium X40, X60 and other SUV products to make up for the shortcomings of SUV; Accelerate the R & D and industrialization of new energy vehicles such as Pentium B30 and X40, Senya R7, Jiefang 8-12m bus and J series truck, and strive to improve the market competitiveness of independent brands

second, promote the optimization of the product structure of joint venture brands, with the focus on promoting the construction of phase I and phase II projects of FAW Volkswagen Audi Q plant, optimize the product structure of Audi brand, which has a long history, and form six major market segments covering a/b/c class cars and SUVs; Accelerate the introduction of five new energy vehicles, including Audi A6L, A4L and Q5, and improve the R & D capability of new energy vehicle core technology in China; Actively introduce new models such as Volkswagen SUV and MPV, support the construction of FAW Volkswagen Jilin "Jetta" brand SUV vehicle project, improve the passenger vehicle product series, and consolidate the market advantages of joint venture brand passenger vehicles

third, promote the development of smart cars, rely on FAW Group to accelerate the development of smart cars, take the lead in realizing the industrialization of semi-automatic driving smart cars in Hongqi hs7, h3ev and other high-end cars, and promote the research and development of Pentium and Senya brand smart cars at the same time; Enterprises and scientific research institutions in the province are encouraged to cooperate with FAW to jointly develop key core components such as vehicle optics, lidar, high-precision positioning, human-computer interaction terminals, improve the independent supporting system, and build a leading domestic R & D and manufacturing base for smart cars

fourth, promote the development of automobile lightweight system, focus on the promotion and application of lightweight materials such as light alloys and high-performance fibers and composite molding processes, accelerate the development and application of automobile lightweight products, and strive to build a lightweight manufacturing system of automobile parts; In particular, we should focus on promoting the construction of Jilin general aluminum forging, aluminum casting and forging automobile chassis lightweight manufacturing base and Jilin Fufeng hot forming parts base, support Jilin Wanfeng Aowei to introduce core manufacturing technology of magnesium alloy parts, and encourage the industrialization of Jilin Tongxin basalt fiber composite parts

in terms of industrial technology innovation, the focus is to promote the "three electricity" technology innovation, rely on the new energy vehicle industry alliance in the province, establish a technological innovation platform of mutual cooperation, complementary advantages, joint development and resource sharing, and work together to break through the key technologies of "three electricity". The specific objectives are: the power battery focuses on improving the specific energy and cycle life of the unit, and breaking through the bottleneck of low-temperature performance; Then share the experience after the pilot to other industries with excess capacity, such as cement, electrolytic aluminum, flat glass, etc., and focus on the development of DC permanent magnet motors and controllers, with specific power performance reaching the domestic advanced level; The whole vehicle control system focuses on improving the driving quality and safety performance of the whole vehicle and improving the comprehensive utilization rate of energy

promote smart technology innovation. Relying on the technology center of FAW Group, Jilin University, Changchun Institute of Optics and mechanics, Qiming information and other enterprises and scientific research institutes, and combining domestic advantageous units, Jilin intelligent United Automobile innovation center was established to jointly carry out research on common technologies such as multi-source information fusion, interface standardization, artificial intelligence and so on; At the same time, actively promote the joint development and application of key core technologies such as environmental awareness system, vehicle internet terminal, integrated intelligent control, etc

encourage lightweight technology innovation. Relying on the provincial high-performance fiber manufacturing innovation center, it is mainly to strengthen the collaborative innovation of automobile lightweight industry, University, research and application. For example, we should carry out research on advanced molding processes, semi-finished products and finished product manufacturing technologies such as carbon fiber and basalt fiber composite resin transfer molding and three-dimensional weaving, and strengthen the research and development of cutting-edge technologies and processes such as semi-solid molding, isothermal extrusion and investment casting of light alloys such as aluminum and magnesium, so as to promote the promotion and application of high-quality, high-end light alloy lightweight manufacturing technology in the province

support cutting-edge technological innovation. Including actively introducing and cultivating fuel cell and solar cell enterprises, building provincial R & D and manufacturing bases, and carrying out technical research on proton exchange membrane fuel cells and gallium arsenide thin film solar cells for vehicles, so as to further improve energy conversion efficiency and reduce costs; Relying on FAW Group, strive to break through the bottleneck of high specific power fuel cell engine and solar cell vehicle integration technology, and speed up the R & D and industrialization of fuel cell vehicles and all solar cell vehicles

in promoting a strong industrial base, the first is to actively develop automotive basic materials, support the development of new light alloys such as automotive aluminum magnesium, aluminum titanium, automotive high-strength steel, low-cost carbon fiber, basalt fiber and other lightweight materials; At the same time, accelerate the development and industrialization of advanced basic materials such as hydrogen fuel cell anode plate materials, lithium battery nickel cobalt aluminum ternary cathode materials and graphene, and strive to improve the guarantee ability of automotive basic materials

the second is to develop core basic parts. It is mainly to accelerate the development of high-efficiency engines, advanced automatic transmissions, electromechanical couplers, clutches and other assemblies, high-strength fasteners, high reliability springs, high parameter gears, ultra precision hydraulic components and other basic components. At the same time, we should strengthen the technology introduction and research of core electronic components such as vehicle electronic control units and vehicle sensors, and improve the supporting capacity of key core components as soon as possible

on this basis, Jilin Province will also vigorously promote advanced basic processes, especially around improving quality and efficiency, green development and high-end intelligence. Relevant departments will give full support to enterprises to focus on the promotion and application of a number of advanced processes such as composite material molding and repair, laser welding and printing, light alloy high-pressure casting, steel aluminum and aluminum riveting; Strive to improve the industrial technology foundation, especially support key enterprises, scientific research institutes, industrial parks and other units to build basic public service platforms around the automotive industry, such as inspection, industrial big data, information services, public technology, so as to provide product quality inspection and technical development support for the whole industry

in terms of optimizing industry management, Jilin Province has begun to vigorously promote the "lean management mode" in the automobile and parts industry, support enterprises to implement lean management in the whole value chain of R & D, production and sales, and strive to apply the "lean management mode" to all links of enterprises, so as to comprehensively improve the use efficiency of energy, capital, materials, human resources and other resources in the whole industry, Greatly reduce the production and management costs of enterprises

at the same time, strengthen the management of industrial safety production, start to accelerate the establishment and improvement of the provincial safety monitoring platform for the promotion and application of new energy vehicles, and strive to focus on monitoring the relevant safety status information of vehicles in the public service field in real time. Further strengthening the construction of safety monitoring platform for new energy vehicle manufacturing enterprises has realized the effective detection and management of the operation safety status of key systems such as complete vehicles and power batteries. The national detection platform and provincial monitoring platform have also realized the supervision of enterprises

in particular, in order to improve the quality management of automobile production enterprises, Jilin Province has also promoted the implementation of the enterprise quality first responsibility system, guided them to establish a quality emergency treatment system, and required enterprises to strictly implement the major quality accident reporting system, earnestly fulfill the legal obligations of quality and defective product recall, and improve the product quality damage compensation mechanism

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