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Benefits of plastic coated steel pipe for cable threading

benefits of plastic coated steel pipe for cable threading

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plastic coated steel pipe is developing very rapidly in the market, but at the same time, we also know about its performance. According to the personnel of plastic coated steel pipe manufacturers, the production process of plastic coated steel pipe and others: it can be used under harsh conditions and has a long-term corrosion prevention life, Heavy duty anticorrosive coatings can be used for more than 10 or 15 years in chemical atmosphere and marine environment, even in acid, alkali, salt and solvent media, and at a constant temperature, they can also be used for more than 5 years. Thick film is an important symbol of heavy-duty anticorrosive coatings. It is a steel plastic composite product with steel pipe as the base material, plastic powder as the coating material, a plastic layer on its inner and outer surface, and a plastic layer or other material anti-corrosion layer on its surface. According to the difference of internal coating materials, there are two kinds, one is polyethylene Xi coated steel pipe. The other is epoxy coated steel pipe. The gas plastic coated steel pipe is a three-layer PE plastic coated steel pipe, the first layer is a heavy-duty corrosion-resistant modified epoxy resin, and the outer layer is a spray product. The spray coating is average, with excellent quality and beautiful surface, and has superior comprehensive performance. In particular, the coating has strong corrosion resistance and high temperature resistance, good chemical stability and solubility of petroleum products. The application temperature range is 40 ℃ -90 ℃ for long-term use. Plastic coated steel pipe is a kind of steel that is often used in our life. Because of its corrosion resistance and small friction resistance, it is constantly used in our life. Plastic coated steel pipe manufacturers introduce the advantages of mining plastic coated steel pipe. In fact, when using plastic coated steel pipe, we didn't summarize it, so we don't know what benefits it has. Today, let's begin to have a brief understanding. In fact, Chengdu plastic coated steel pipe can be used as the sleeve of cable, which can achieve the purpose of anti-interference. This is very good for us, but its steel, its hardness is relatively large, and it can bear a lot of pressure, Because its surface is coated with plastic, it can also play the effect of insulation, so that the wire will never have leakage under its protection. Plastic coated steel pipe also has a larger advantage, that is, it can be in a humid environment for a long time, and there will be no corrosion. Of course, it has no impact on it in high and low temperatures

some manufacturers of plastic coated pipes, because of their own production, although they can meet the requirements in one aspect of the environment of bearings that can be used under medium load and speed, they can't meet the requirements in the other, so naturally they will have no adaptability in their use of products, and in this case, they will let users use them, or can't improve the universality of use, In addition, the service life and performance of the product will be affected due to wrong use, so this is also the requirement of users when using *. 1. Coating adhesion: the adhesion of polyethylene coating is ≥ 30n/cm, and the adhesion of epoxy resin coating is grade 1 ~ 3. Information:     some manufacturers of plastic coated pipes, because of their own production, although they can meet the requirements in one aspect of the environment, they can't meet the requirements in the other, so naturally they will have no adaptability in the use of products. In this case, they will let users use them, or can't improve the universality of use. In addition, when using them, because of wrong use, It will affect the service life and performance of the product, so this is also the requirement of users when using *. In the face of high-rise buildings in prosperous cities, have we ever thought that the successful construction of each building is inseparable from the use of steel pipes. In recent years, with the continuous development of the construction pipe industry, in order to meet the market demand, more and more new pipes appear. Plastic coated jjg1136 ⑵ 017 according to the type of experimental machine, steel pipe is one of them that can not be ignored. When making plastic coated composite steel pipes inside and outside, seamless steel pipes are mainly used as * basic materials, and then have good characteristics in terms of corrosion prevention and sanitation. Moreover, when making, it needs to be made by many public welfare systems, such as pre-treatment, coating and post-treatment, which has become an upgraded product

plastic coated steel pipe is one of them. The advantages of large-diameter internal and external coating, such as professional type, origin type and internationalization, make the "plastic trade fair" gradually grow into a national brand exhibition. Analysis of the industry development of plastic steel pipe manufacturers. Internal and external plastic coated steel pipes are water supply composite pipes with epoxy resin powder coating on the inner and outer walls of steel pipes. The inner wall has strong corrosion resistance and good chemical stability, and can transport fluid media of -30 ℃ -90 ℃. After inspection, it meets the safety performance standards for drinking water, water transmission and distribution. The inner wall coating has strong adhesion, excellent impact resistance and strong cathodic stripping resistance. Because the coating surface of the inner wall of the pipeline is smooth, it can prevent the breeding and scaling of microorganisms. At the same time, the transmission resistance is small, which can increase the flow and save energy. The internal coating of modified epoxy resin powder can achieve fire prevention and flame retardancy, which is especially suitable for the requirements of corrosion resistance and fire prevention and flame retardancy of fire protection system pipes. In the first three quarters, Rizhao Port exported 2.91 million tons of steel. B. using ordinary steel pipes is easy to scale and corrosion, and the resulting rust deposits will lead to a decrease in heat transfer rate, increase energy consumption and increase operating costs

plastic coated pipe will be coated on it in manufacturing, and at the same time, its advantages will be slowly reflected in later use, and we will continue to feel the good use of plastic coated pipe, mainly because of the plastic coating of plastic coated pipe, so please understand the following requirements and knowledge. The plastic coated pipe is like a water supply pipe, which is resistant to high temperature, knocking, low temperature, corrosion and the impact of water flow. It is suitable for all kinds of harsh environments, and also solves the problem of water leakage that often occurs in ordinary water supply pipes. This is also a reflection of resource conservation. From its service life alone, we can see its cost-effectiveness. Relevant reports about medical materials and the use of medical materials in the field of high-tech medical technology are emerging one after another. If you cut it off during installation, you must not forget to apply non-toxic normal temperature curing adhesive to the incision. Plastic coated pipe can prevent corrosion at the interface. In order to increase the storage time of food, human beings have used positive air technology and made fresh-keeping film. Looking at all the preservation and anti-corrosion technologies, nothing more than isolating air and water and controlling temperature. The water supply pipe is outside the house. It appears in various places, so we can't control its temperature

the processes of internal and external plastic coated pipes mainly include electrostatic spraying and hot-dip plastic. Generally, electrostatic spraying is applicable to the requirements of pipes in any field, and hot-dip plastic can be used in fire protection, cable threading pipe and other fields. Its process is basically as follows: the ordinary steel pipe is subject to a series of pretreatment, including chamfering and deburring, end face leveling, sand blasting and derusting, and then preheated to make the temperature reach 220 ℃, and then the preheated steel pipe is electrostatically sprayed or dipped in polyethylene Xi powder. If the product is sprayed with epoxy resin, it needs to be sent to the curing furnace for curing. The curing temperature is required to reach about 280 ℃, and the product can be taken out after four hours and repaired, That is, the product processing is completed

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