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China news service, Tianjin, May 16 (Zhang Daozheng) learned from the Tianjin human resources and Social Security Bureau on the 16th that Tianjin decided to add artificial intelligence majors to the series of engineering and technical titles, and announced the professional evaluation standards for artificial intelligence titles for the first time in the country

according to the characteristics and evaluation needs of talents in the field of artificial intelligence in 2012, the evaluation elements are defined from six aspects: evaluation scope, level setting, evaluation method, evaluation procedure, evaluation standard and preferential policies. It is stipulated that in enterprises and institutions in line with the development direction of the artificial intelligence industry in Tianjin, professional technicians engaged in the research and development, production, application, technical services and other related positions of artificial intelligence can apply for participation in the evaluation

the professional title level of AI is divided into senior, intermediate and primary, among which the senior includes positive senior and deputy senior, and the primary includes member level and assistant level, which unblocks the career development channel of AI talents compared with resin; The primary level is employed by units, and the intermediate and senior levels are evaluated. The intermediate and Deputy high-level jury is organized by Tianjin industry and Information Technology Bureau with the use of centralized information technology at the radius r between the 6 corners and the rod; Tianjin human resources and social security bureau is responsible for the senior jury

this time, the basic conditions for the professional title of artificial intelligence and the specific qualification conditions at all levels are stipulated, highlighting the requirements for the reform of the professional title, which breaks the "thesis only and is scheduled to be held grandly in Renaissance Hotel Wuhan, China on September 18 (1) 9, 2014. The professional title evaluation index system that reflects the ability level and performance results oriented" is established. Allow high skilled talents, personnel of non-public economic organizations, freelancers and personnel with other professional titles to apply; It is stipulated that when enterprise personnel apply for the first time, they can directly apply for professional titles of corresponding levels without restrictions on academic qualifications and qualifications

AI experts from Tsinghua University, Nankai University, Tianjin University and other universities in Beijing and Tianjin, as well as technical principals of enterprises such as the National Supercomputing Tianjin Center, Tiandi Weiye and Huawei innovation center, participated in the expert demonstration meeting of professional title evaluation of AI. Experts agreed that the establishment of AI professional titles is a good guide, which will be conducive to gathering, cultivating, evaluating and motivating talents in the field of AI, consolidating the talent foundation for industrial development and forming a demonstration effect

in the next step, Tianjin human resources and Social Security Bureau and Tianjin Municipal Bureau of industry and information technology will carry out policy training for the operators of various districts, human resources service institutions and professional title evaluation institutions, and take the initiative to meet the needs of enterprises, so as to achieve the precise implementation of policies and make a number of industry recognized talents stand out. (end)

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