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Jilin took the lead in implementing high-efficiency plant protection mechanization subsidy

in order to vigorously promote high-efficiency plant protection mechanization technology and supplement the shortcomings of high-efficiency plant protection mechanization, recently, the Jilin Provincial Agricultural Commission and the Department of Finance jointly printed the system to automatically "supplement" and issued the "implementation plan of high-efficiency plant protection mechanization practical technology promotion subsidy project". The plan stipulates that the project fund amount is 48million yuan to support the production of major grain crops and the promotion of efficient plant protection mechanization and practical technology in the prevention and control of diseases, pests and weeds

the plan highlights seven important links: first, the subsidy targets are agricultural machinery service providers that implement efficient plant protection machinery operations, including agricultural machinery (agricultural) cooperatives, family farms, large agricultural machinery households, large grain farmers and agricultural enterprises. Second, the scope of subsidy is limited to four major food crops: corn, rice, soybean and potato. The subsidy content is only real gold insulation board, which can be limited to the prevention and control of diseases, pests and weeds according to the design characteristics and functional requirements of the project, excluding rat pest control and fertilization. Third, the subsidy standard is 10 yuan/mu per year, and the quota subsidy is implemented, that is, the same piece of land is subject to multiple plant protection operations in the same year, and the subsidy area is not calculated repeatedly. Fourth, the subsidized work machines and tools must meet three conditions at the same time: first, the motorized boom spray, including self-propelled, knapsack type and traction type; Second, qualified products that have passed the provincial and above agricultural machinery promotion appraisal; Third, install remote electronic monitoring equipment with operation monitoring function. Fifth, the project management comprehensively implements the remote electronic monitoring information management, and cancels the manual inspection and acceptance link. Sixth, the determination of the subsidy area is based on the remote electronic monitoring data. Seventh, the distribution of subsidy funds shall be carried out in the principle of attracting the attention of relevant national departments to the subsidy after operation and the principle of publicity before cashing. Before cashing the subsidy funds, the proposed subsidy object, location, area and amount of subsidy funds shall be publicized for 7 natural days

in order to ensure the effective implementation of the project next year, Jilin Agricultural Mechanization Management Center has also recently organized forces to conduct supervision and Research on the so-called high-level creep point counties and cities. The implementation of the subsidy project for the popularization of high-efficiency plant protection mechanization and practical technology will certainly promote Jilin Province to supplement the short board of mechanization in grain production and plant protection, improve the level of mechanization in the whole process of grain production, and speed up the construction of agricultural modernization

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