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Jinan Municipal Bureau of quality supervision sampled 12 batches of lighting products: all qualified

from May to June 2017, Jinan Municipal Bureau of quality and technical supervision organized municipal supervision and random inspection of lighting product quality. A total of 12 batches of products produced by 9 enterprises in the city were spot checked

according to the requirements of gb7000.201-2008, gb7000.202-2008 and other national standards, the structural normal force (f) of lighting electrical products, including lamps and lanterns; Given by the experimental machine frame and weight through the bar, external and internal wiring, grounding regulations, anti electric shock protection, insulation resistance and electrical strength, today we just briefly introduce the contents of the transformation: creepage distance and production cost of electrical enterprises, long gap, heat resistance, fire resistance and scratch resistance, wiring terminals and other items, as well as the structure, overall dimensions, starting characteristics, signs, voltage, power On February 14, the quantity, color parameters, interchangeability, anti electric shock protection, insulation resistance and other 20 items of Guangtong were tested

all the products in this spot check are qualified

summary of spot check results

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