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Jilin Province will give full play to its advantages and accelerate the cultivation of ten new equipment manufacturing industries

Abstract: in the development of advanced equipment manufacturing industry, the province will adhere to the development direction of high-end, intelligent and service-oriented, take intelligent manufacturing as the core and high-end equipment as the guide, and promote the development of traditional equipment manufacturing industry to high-end

it was learned recently that in order to accelerate the revitalization of Jilin's old industrial base and realize the transformation and upgrading as soon as possible, Jilin Province has planned and successively issued a series of strong policies and measures, and is determined to give full play to its advantages in many aspects such as industrial foundation, resource endowment, scientific and technological talents and market demand in the next four years, strive to break through key common technologies, vigorously promote the deep agglomeration and integration of industries, and optimize and improve the level and level of development, Further, we should make the upper and lower jaws different in heart speed and cultivate ten new equipment manufacturing industries

according to pan xueshu, in developing the advanced equipment manufacturing industry, the province will adhere to the development direction of high-end, intelligent and service-oriented, with intelligent manufacturing as the core and high-end equipment as the guide, and promote the development of traditional equipment manufacturing industry to high-end. Focus on building a number of R & D and manufacturing bases for internationally leading modern rail transit equipment, domestically leading high-end remote sensing satellite equipment, aviation equipment manufacturing and maintenance, robot and intelligent manufacturing equipment, advanced agricultural machinery equipment, precision instruments and equipment, and "specialized, special and new" equipment; Adhere to the "four efforts", that is, strive to break through a number of key core technologies, strive to promote the strong foundation project of manufacturing industry, strive to promote a number of product innovation and industrialization, strive to cultivate a number of leading enterprises (groups) and "invisible champions" enterprises, and accelerate the establishment of a structural optimization, technology leadership, distinctive characteristics, green and safe "Jilin equipment" characteristic industrial system. By 2020, the total industrial output value of the equipment manufacturing industry in the province will reach 350billion yuan, with an average annual growth of about 8%

among them, the advanced rail transit equipment manufacturing industry will further make use of its existing advantages to speed up the construction of Changchun rail transit Industrial Park, improve its carrying capacity, give play to the leading role of "long-distance passenger shares", spare no effort to implement the international development strategy, and build an internationally competitive modern rail transit equipment industrial base in Jilin Province; Based on the annual production capacity of 1500 high-speed EMUs, 2000 urban rail passenger cars and 1500 high-speed EMUs, we will focus on improving the independent R & D and manufacturing capacity of key technologies and systems such as vehicle integration, vehicle body, high-performance bogie, train traction, network control, etc; Support the acceleration of the R & D and industrialization of China's standard high-speed EMUs, hybrid EMUs, Intercity Express EMUs and other products, and support the development of cross-border intermodal high-speed EMUs with a speed of more than 400 kilometers per hour based on the needs of countries along the "the Belt and Road"; Strive to meet the personalized needs, and accelerate the development of intelligent, lightweight, modular and pedigree urban rail vehicle products; Actively introduce supporting enterprises of key core components such as traction system, braking system, transmission system, air conditioning system and door system, speed up the construction of supporting capacity and test and verification capacity, improve the industrial chain, and strive to achieve a supporting rate of more than 30% in the province

the satellite and application industry will rely on Changguang Satellite Technology Co., Ltd. to accelerate the construction of satellite manufacturing and Remote Sensing Information Industrial Park, build two industrial chains of satellite remote sensing and aerospace information integrated application, and strive to have the annual output of 30 satellites by 2020, so as to realize the on orbit operation of 60 satellites; Accelerate the development of image sensors, optical cameras, star sensors and other key core components, and improve the satellite manufacturing industry chain; Accelerate the in-depth development of satellite data, fully promote its application in the fields of Surveying and mapping, agriculture, forestry, environmental protection and national defense, and actively build a whole industrial chain of remote sensing information acquisition, processing and operation services; We will coordinate the construction of Beidou ground-based enhancement system, high score Jilin data center and Jilin remote sensing data application platform, accelerate the development and application of intelligent integrated application terminal products and software products, plan to build an aerospace integrated information port, and finally enhance the core competitiveness of Jilin remote sensing satellite and application industry

the aviation equipment manufacturing and maintenance industry will actively introduce high-quality resources of overseas aviation equipment, and speed up the construction of major projects such as the northern aero engine maintenance base and Jilin aviation industry park; Promote the industrialization of general aviation equipment such as fixed wing light aircraft, airborne equipment and ground equipment, and create a "five in one" general aviation industry base integrating R & D and design, production and manufacturing, maintenance, operation services, education and training. The robot and intelligent manufacturing equipment industry mainly promotes the construction of Sino German robot industrial park project, accelerates the R & D and industrialization of industrial robots, service robots and special robots, and accelerates the R & D of key systems and components such as reducers, control systems and end effectors; Develop intelligent manufacturing equipment around key links such as perception, control, decision-making and implementation, focusing on intelligent core devices, intelligent manufacturing equipment and intelligent production lines, and build an intelligent equipment industry cluster in fy2013. At the same time, efforts should be made to develop intelligent equipment for the four major processes of automobile manufacturing, intelligent complete production lines for poultry slaughtering, and intelligent complete equipment for pharmaceutical packaging

in developing advanced agricultural machinery and equipment, Jilin Province will actively introduce advantageous resources and strive to develop power machinery suitable for the farming characteristics of Northeast China; It mainly plans to introduce and develop high-power tractors, speed up the development of self-propelled corn combine harvesters, rice harvesters and other hydraulic universal testing machines produced by Sida high-tech, such as harvest machines, precision seeders, high-speed rice transplanters, high-efficiency and energy-saving planters and other field machines

advanced electrical equipment supports the development of power transmission and transformation equipment such as intelligent integrated substations, complete sets of secondary transformation equipment and ultra-high voltage transmission and transformation line towers, special transformation equipment such as ultra-high voltage furnace transformers and wind power energy-saving transformers, power generation equipment such as piping systems for thermal power and nuclear power units, high-temperature fans for power stations, wind power step-up substations, special box type substations for solar photovoltaic power generation, and other complete sets of electrical equipment

in view of the leading position and agglomeration advantages of the heat exchanger industry in Siping City, Jilin Province, in actively developing the advanced energy equipment industry, the province will vigorously support the development of new energy-saving welded plate heat exchangers with high added value, large removable plate heat exchangers and other new energy-saving heat exchangers, and encourage the development of new material heat exchangers such as ceramic heat exchangers and graphite heat exchangers. At the same time, relying on its petrochemical industry resources and petrochemical equipment industry foundation, accelerate the research and development of high-tech products such as large medium and high-pressure vessels, reactors, centrifuges and polymerizers, and support the accelerated development of large tonnage special-shaped workover rigs, new energy-saving pumping units and oilfield environmental protection equipment. Focusing on the construction of the national ten million kilowatt renewable energy base, the province will also build a wind power equipment industry cluster integrating R & D, manufacturing, parts supply and service

in addition to the above industries, Jilin Province also plans to promote the high-end development of construction machinery in the next four years, support the research and development of tower lifting equipment for intelligent buildings, and support the development of port cranes, large-scale lifting equipment for power station construction, large tonnage bridge cranes and other high-end products; Promote the construction of precision instrument and equipment manufacturing base in Changchun new area, create a precision instrument cluster, and actively promote the industrialization of a large number of high-tech products such as large-scale integrated circuits, high-precision gratings and special machine tools; The goal of accelerating the development of a number of "specialized, special and new" and "little giant" equipment enterprises is to maximize their absolute advantages in the field of industry segmentation

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