The hottest natural rubber in Shanghai fell slight

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Shanghai natural rubber fell slightly, and further observation is needed in the future.

the main contract ru0807 opened at 22300, with a maximum of 22415 and a minimum of 21910. It closed at 22375, down 26 points from the previous trading day. 124760 transactions were made throughout the day, an increase of 24430 over the previous trading day. Increase positions by 1748 to 45660

on the Rik line, ru0807 closes a small male line with a hammer. Technically, the main contract once hit the upper edge of the decline channel in that week, but after hovering on the edge for two days, it fell sharply in the opening trading on Friday and fell into the decline channel again, but suddenly rose in the late trading and broke through the upper edge of the decline channel. This continuous and repeated trend is difficult to confirm whether the breakthrough has been completed, and further observation is needed in the future

on hand, According to Singapore "He said that on March 28, Asian spot rubber prices fell, following TOCOM and Shanghai Futures Exchange rubber futures prices fell, but the market trading was active, because consumers used the recent low prices for trading. The market generally believed that prices would rebound, because in Thailand and Malaysia, it continued to be the winter season, which also stimulated buying. At present, supply is tight, because Indonesia's production continues to be affected by China's food contact materials and products will be imported Delay and obstruction caused by rainfall in the period of entering a new regulation and new standard. RSS3 of Thai No. 3 cigarette glue shipped in March was quoted at 280 cents per kilogram, up from 282 cents the previous year. The Thai tire grade standard rubber str20 shipped in March was quoted at 270 cents per kilogram, up from 273 cents the previous year. The Indonesian tire grade standard rubber sir20 shipped in March was reported at 264.5 cents per kilogram, up from 268.9 cents in the previous year. The Malaysian tire grade standard rubber SMR20 shipped in March was quoted at 269 cents per kilogram, up from 270 cents the previous year

in terms of international futures market, according to the news on March 28 in Tokyo, the rubber of Tokyo industrial products exchange (TOCOM) has reached phase 2.38 at most. 1. Accuracy grade; Grade 1 goods closed lower on Friday, as weak crude oil and strong yen against the US dollar encouraged profit taking before the weekend. Traders added that the basic mask was supportive, with seasonal decline in production and strong consumer buying helping to limit the possibility of market decline in the next few trading days. TOCOM rubber futures are expected to find strong support at 280 yen per kilogram. The benchmark August RSS3 contract closed down 4.7 yen at 281 yen per kilogram. Operational suggestions: the overall environment of the financial market has been volatile recently, and it is difficult for a single commodity to be alone. As a retail investor, you should choose to wait and see or short-term trading, or bargain hunting and light positions to establish medium and long-term multiple orders, and pay attention to risk control and stop loss

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