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Can plastic bags be replaced? Survey

plastic bags used every day make our life more convenient, but also bring serious environmental and ecological problems. So, can plastic bags be replaced? How to minimize the harm caused by plastic bags

lack of punishment measures

Wang Yongqing, director of the Construction Department of Hangzhou trade bureau, said that the current focus of work is to replace non degradable plastic bags with degradable plastic bags. "However, at present, there is only one enterprise producing degradable plastic bags in Hangzhou, while there are threeorfour small family workshops producing non degradable and even toxic and harmful plastic bags.". The production cost, low threshold of technical equipment and the vast current are also considered by international material giants as the best time to speed up the pace of layout. Market demand is an important reason for the proliferation of small family workshops producing non degradable plastic bags

According to Wang Yongqing, there are no specific punishment measures for white pollution control in terms of policies and regulations. Article 54 of section 2 of the regulations on the administration of urban appearance and environmental sanitation (Amendment) issued by Hangzhou in July 2005 expressly stipulates that "the production and sale of non degradable disposable plastic products are prohibited", but there is no corresponding mandatory or punitive measures. "Instead of chasing and blocking, it's better to take advantage of the situation and start from bit by bit. For example, in some large shopping malls, paper bags can be advocated to replace plastic bags."

it is difficult to replace paper bags with vegetable baskets

what is the attitude of urban residents about whether plastic bags can be replaced? The author interviewed more than a dozen residents living in Hangzhou. They all said that they were very disgusted with the white garbage and the plastic floating in the air. They also hoped to reduce such white pollution or find environmental protection products to replace the plastic bags now used. One woman said that if the discarded plastic bags were still contaminated, mosquitoes and flies would breed and give off a stench

however, when asked whether plastic bags can be replaced with other supplies such as vegetable baskets and paper bags, most of the citizens interviewed said it was difficult, "because everyone is using them, and plastic bags are the most convenient. Therefore, many shopping malls and shops provide them free of charge, which also became the reason why" who doesn't use them for free ". For most citizens, at present, the use of plastic bags can only be reduced through "saving"

it is not easy to sort out and recycle

from the perspective of saving resources, the main source of raw materials for plastic products is non renewable petroleum resources, and now new technologies can make waste plastics into new products or gasoline, diesel, etc. Then, can the waste recycling station recycle waste plastic bags like recycling waste cans? To recycle plastic bags smoothly, two feasible ways are waste purchase and waste disposal and recycling

the author visited many residential areas in Shanghai and found that the sub packaging system that distinguishes between recyclable resources and domestic waste has not been effectively promoted. On the contrary, most of the garbage is packed in plastic bags and thrown into the dustbin, which is obviously not conducive to the recycling of plastic bags. At the same time, because the value of a single waste plastic bag is very low, it is not as easy to collect and sort out as waste books and newspapers and waste cans, and the waste recycling station can rarely purchase the sorted waste plastic bags

conclusion: plastic bags have been widely used because of their low cost and convenience, and it is difficult to completely abandon them in a short time. To reduce the harm brought by plastic bags, we need to formulate stricter production specifications and more operational punishment measures for violations, develop environmental protection products with the same advantages as plastic bags, and use policy means to guide this

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