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Can long trucks catch fire again in China

on July 26th, 2016, the new GB was officially released and implemented, and the explanation of the term "long head semi-trailer tractor" was added to the professional terminology of the regulations. At the same time, it met the requirements that "more than half of the engine body is located in front of the foremost point of the windshield", "the center of the steering wheel is located behind the first quarter of the total length of the vehicle cab (the whole front of the vehicle)" Vehicles with three conditions of "the center line of the front axle is before the foremost point of the windshield" are considered legal long headed vehicles. Compliant long head vehicles can enjoy the policy benefits of "the length limit of long head articulated trains is 18100mm". The maximum length of ordinary flat head trucks can not exceed 17.1 meters, and long head vehicles can be allowed to exceed 1 meter

when many people see this regulation, their first reaction is that spring is coming for long headed cars. I don't think so. To ensure the loading space, the space left for the enterprise manufacturers to play is only 1 meter long. After this 1 meter length is given to the engine compartment, the cockpit space is still limited. Shortening the engine compartment and increasing the cockpit space also need to consider whether the model conforms to the three definitions of long headed vehicles in gb1589. The product design is completely dancing in shackles. Do you want a domestic American long headed truck? Just think about it

long head truck products are still few, and Liuqi is unique

within half a year after the release and implementation of the new gb1589, the long head trucks in the domestic market are still the upgrading of the previous low-end products, and the models have been less competitive in the past few years. Are new long head car manufacturers still developing

in 2016, the domestic high-end long head car market, Liuqi Chenglong T7, is destined to excel, and other heavy truck enterprises have no corresponding level of long head models to compete with it. T7's appearance design is harmonious, and it continues the design language of Chenglong's latest flagship Flathead truck H7. Its appearance alone has attracted some buyers. The "long nose" is round and plump. It doesn't copy the H7 shape. It uses its design elements for reference to make a perfect match with the long head car. The same is true of the headlamp group. It is these details that make the T7 have a different aesthetic feeling. The only drawback is that you can't drink H7 general headlamp accessories

cltruck T7 power chain is common to cltruck H7, and Weichai and Dongkang isz13 models with high horsepower and large displacement can be selected. The white H7 long head tractor at Liuqi booth of this year's Beijing auto show is equipped with Dongfeng Cummins isz520 HP engine, which is matched with fast 12 Speed AMT transmission. It should be the first model equipped with automatic transmission for domestic long head trucks. The maintenance free axle, air suspension and other configurations are not inferior to any flat head truck of the same level. There is no need to worry about the outdated vehicle configuration when buying a long head truck

the long head model has the disadvantage of poor visibility. The cltruck H7 performs well in this regard. The inclined and short engine compartment design is similar to that of the flat head car when looking forward from the cab. The front ground mirror of the car can still see whether there are obstacles in front of the vehicle. It should be faster to adapt from the flat car to the T7 long car. As long as you adapt to the timing of direction, there is no big problem

however, Chenglong T7 is not a perfect long head truck product. Calculated on a 100 point scale, Chenglong T7 has just reached the 60 point pass line and reached the usable level. It is difficult to attract flat head car users to switch to long head cars because it does not have a huge advantage difference with flat head cars. Everyone will be very emotional and impulsive before buying a car. If you really pay for an order, it will tend to be a conservative choice

the problem with cltruck T7 is that there is no real space. Jean Floyd, CEO of stratolaunch systems, said: "This is the first aircraft of its kind, which is solving the pain points of users. The comfort, safety and fuel saving of long head cars are not the main reasons why users want to buy long head cars. Saving or not is not just useful by looking at the wind resistance. It's only known when they buy it back, but the space demand is the big pain point for long-distance drivers now. The small space of fourorfive square meters of flat head cars has been squeezed out of value. How many people think of American long head cars when they talk about long head cars The huge rest space of a big truck? It is this large space that attracts them to buy long head trucks

t7 the interior space of the cab is almost the same as that of the flat head cltruck H7. The H7 mold is directly applied to the cab. There is no space optimization and improvement for the long head car in the internal design layout, and the interior design is like a semi-finished product. When the length of the cab cannot be changed, it is also possible to work more on the height to "steal space". The T7 level is not flat. It is a very simple thing for a long car to flat the floor. Limited by the vehicle length limit, the domestic long head truck can't achieve the large space of the American long head truck no matter how it is optimized, but it's still promising to have a larger space than the flat head model, and I'm looking forward to that day

there are still many problems with the popularity of long head trucks along the rough road

the laws and regulations have been liberalized. Why does no one buy long head cars when there are models produced by enterprises such as Liuqi? There must be market demand. People who want to buy long head cars must also be clear about the advantages and disadvantages of long head cars. The remaining question is where to buy them with money? Most dealers and 4S stores don't have cars in stock or on display. It's no joke that they can't spend money with money. How long does the production cycle take to place an order, and is it easy to buy accessories after purchase A series of problems are still waiting to be solved. Long head cars are not new, but they have to face the problem of new product promotion

after September 21, overload control is strict across the country, and lightweight models are hot. Long head vehicles are a little out of date since their major shortcomings. It is not impossible to make lightweight long head vehicles. The huge volume of long head trucks in the United States can achieve the same weight as flat head vehicles. A large number of aluminum alloys are used to reduce self weight at the cost of increased vehicle production costs, The high price of long head cars will hinder a group of potential buyers. An industry expert said that the road to promote long head cars is very bumpy

differentiated competition, building a land aircraft carrier for trunk transportation

in the future, the proportion of drop and hitch transportation will gradually increase. According to the current situation of drop and hitch transportation in some enterprises, drivers spend more time on the car than before, resulting in insufficient space. The longer they stay on the car and the longer the line, the greater the space demand. The advantages of long head vehicles are just in line with their pain points. The best way out is to build long head vehicles into "land aircraft carriers" and segment part of the market differentiation competition. Finally, it is formed that the pedal switch of medium and long-distance trunk lines, the traditional flat head truck is used for branch logistics, the long head truck is selected for high-efficiency logistics transportation of long-distance and ultra long-distance trunk lines, and there is no road condition restriction for the use of long head trucks on trunk roads

flat head trucks are developed in China. High end engineering plastics used in aerospace and other fields often take reinforcing agents to further enhance their strength for more than 30 years. Long head trucks have their own advantages in North America and other regions. Long head trucks also have their own characteristics. There are many potential customers in China. In the future, the selection of long head truck products will become rich, which may lead to a boom of small wavelength head trucks. In the past two years, someone commented on the long head car and said, "it's a pity to abandon it, but it's tasteless to eat". Who would have thought that two years later, the long head car changed and was taken care of by the policy. We sincerely hope that the long head car can have a place in the truck market, which is not the mainstream

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