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Tianjiao was approaching a record high when Hainan rubber was listed. On the 6th, rubber futures maintained their recent rise and continued to rise. Shanghai Tianjiao is approaching the historical record, and Japan rubber is breaking the historical high. Due to the good orientation of rubber, most people in the industry are optimistic about the future price of rubber. At a time when the price of rubber futures is "soaring", Hainan rubber, the largest natural rubber manufacturer in China, will be listed on Friday, which will undoubtedly inject a "stimulant" into the hot rubber market

Shanghai Tianjiao is approaching a record high

recently, rubber futures have strengthened for several consecutive days, and the rubber price has hit the historical record step by step. As of press time, Nippon rubber set a record high of 440.8 yen to close at 439.5 yen, up 2.64%. After the interest rate hike, Shanghai Jiaotong made periodic adjustments, but returned to the rising channel after new year's day. Tianjiao 1105 contract closed at 38365 yuan/ton yesterday, up 1.54%, approaching the historical record of 38920 yuan

"the supply and demand of overseas rubber is tight, and the domestic cutting has been completely stopped at present, so the supply will mainly rely on imports. In the short term, domestic rubber will continue to work hard to realize the continuous growth of business in Greater China, and the rubber price will be greatly driven. The future market will rise and then peak, and may fall around the Spring Festival." What is the judgment standard for Jianghai securities to choose and buy pulling machine? Crystal representation

Hu Yangjie, an analyst at East Asia Futures, believes that the fundamentals of rubber are good. The price of upstream raw rubber is hitting new highs day by day, and rubber futures naturally rise

"The reason for this round of rubber rising for several days in a row is more driven by the rising atmosphere of the overall commodity. After the market experienced the interest rate increase, the boots fell to the ground and entered the new year's credit. Reducing the mass of a car by 100 kg can save 300 to 800 liters of fuel, open the brake, and the European and American economy has recovered. The future rubber price is still very optimistic, because the spot price in Southeast Asia is very strong, and the domestic price is lower than the external price, indicating that the domestic price is real And not unreasonably high. " Dongzheng futures analyst Yan xinbing said

Guo Cheng, an analyst at Yong'an futures, believes that the reasons for the continuous record high of Japanese rubber include the tight supply of goods in Southeast Asia, the strong spot, the suspension of domestic systemic risks, and the main short positions being covered. In the short term, Southeast Asia Rubber will stop cutting, domestic funds will be abundant in January, foreign bulk commodities have an obvious upward trend, and domestic demand will replenish inventory before the year, so rubber is still bullish in the future

xuyunjin, an analyst at Xiangyu futures, said that the main rubber production areas gradually entered the cut-off period, resulting in a sharp decline in the production of natural rubber, and the supply was in a state of gradual tightening, which basically supported the price of rubber strongly. Although China's monetary policy is tightening, the abundant financial environment is difficult to reverse for the time being, and the proliferation of dollars, the recovery of the U.S. economy, and the relative stability of Europe have all formed a relatively favorable environment for the rise of Shanghai Jiaotong. In addition, the shock and strength of international oil prices led to the further increase of synthetic rubber prices, which formed another driving force for Shanghai rubber

Hainan rubber is listed at the right time

at present, the rubber futures market is in full swing, and Hainan rubber will be listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange on the 7th, which is "at the right time". It is reported that Hainan rubber, which is mainly engaged in the planting, processing and sales of natural rubber, as well as the cutting and sales of rubber trees, is the largest natural rubber production enterprise in China. The IPO price of Hainan rubber is 5.99 yuan/share, with a price earnings ratio of 87.73 times

Guodu Securities said that the company has 3.53 million mu of forest land, accounting for 30% of the national rubber planting area. In 2009, the company's rubber production accounted for 30% of the total national production. Guotai Junan predicts that after 2012, the company's self-produced rubber production will increase steadily with an annual increment of 62500 tons, and reach a stable production period in 15 years

analyst Guocheng said, "if Hainan rubber financing is successful, it may continue to expand the rubber production area and increase supply. At the same time, it is also a new wind vane for the future market of rubber in the capital market."

"Hainan rubber is a rubber producer, and the rise in rubber prices will be good for the company." Analyst Hu Yangjie said

most insiders believe that the listing of Hainan rubber has limited impact on the futures market. Yan xinbing, an analyst, believes that the listing of Hainan rubber will not have a great impact on the price of rubber, but there may be some expectations of psychological speculation

"the impact of Hainan rubber on the futures market may not be great. If there is any, it may be that Hainan rubber expands its planting with the help of listing financing, which may ultimately have a negative effect on the rubber price; however, the rise in rubber price will obviously bring more profits to Listed Enterprises." Said Fang Junfeng, an analyst at the Shanghai interim

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