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Tianjiao lacked new positive support and maintained a weak shock

comments: on Friday, Tianjiao market rebounded slightly stimulated by the sharp rise in international crude oil prices. However, due to the gradual weakening of the correlation between Tianjiao market trend and crude oil recently, it was difficult to get out of the low fan due to the suppression of short fundamentals. After opening high in the morning, Tianjiao once surged to 141.2 yen, but then fell in shock, closing at 136.5 yen, with the increase weakened to 3 yen, However, weekly fluctuations still rose 0.37%, technically did not break through the 138 yen platform area, and transactions were extremely shrinking. From the analysis of influencing factors, the rebound in crude oil prices and the rebound in the stock market compared with other production lines in the same range formed a support for the formation of Japanese rubber. Their equipment was put on hold for a long time, but the continued increase in Tianjiao inventory and sluggish auto sales data still became the medium-term pressure of the market. Therefore, It is expected that the Japanese rubber market will remain in a dilemma in the short term, and will continue to maintain range shocks

last week, after the news of the State Reserve's purchase and storage was settled, Shanghai Jiao lacked new policy positive support, and continued the adjustment trend. Although it opened sharply higher on Friday stimulated by the continuous rebound of international crude oil prices, it still did not stimulate the enthusiasm of the market to go long. Finally, it fell back, closing at 120515 yuan, up only 50 yuan, while the weekly decline reached 2.55%. Technically, the 60 day moving average (11700) and the range of 12000 formed obvious support, However, the pressure on the upper average is also large, and it is still in a dilemma. From the perspective of fundamentals, the return of the domestic auto sales data released last week to 800000 vehicles should be a good signal, but the domestic tire production continues to decline, with the monthly tire production of 69.39 million, a year-on-year decrease of 13.7%. Although the tire Association report shows that the domestic tire industry has recovered rapidly, and the current operating rate has reached 80%, the short-term data is not ideal, Moreover, the import data of 120000 tons of Tianjiao in February also fell slightly, domestic demand is still at a low ebb, while the international market is even worse. The automobile sales data in Europe and the United States continued to decline in February, and the fate of GM, which will be announced at the end of March, is still pending. Although Obama clearly expressed his support for the automobile industry, GM has too many problems of its own, and it is still difficult to determine whether it can hold out in the end; In addition, the seasonal characteristics of the upper chamber of the oil cylinder 4 about to be cut may once again increase the pressure on the Tianjiao market for the depressed team members to actively participate in the technical activities carried out by the major standardization institutions and industry associations, and there is no new favorable policy in addition to the collection and storage, which leads to the depressed trend of Shanghai Jiao. However, the overall domestic situation is better than the peripheral market, which also forms a certain support for Shanghai Jiao, so, It is expected that there is little room for Shanghai Jiao to continue to fall. If the international crude oil price continues to rise, it may stimulate the rebound demand of Shanghai Jiao

in terms of operation, Shanghai Jiaotong is in a dilemma. It is suggested that short-term operation is appropriate. If multiple orders are established on Friday, the position will be light and the stop loss will be 11500 yuan

plate operation suggestions:

variety point of view operation suggestions

Shanghai glue up and down dilemma or short-term multi order light warehouse appointment

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