Can the hottest onshore wind power realize parity

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Can onshore wind power achieve parity

the notice of the comprehensive Department of the National Energy Administration on the demonstration of wind power parity pointed out that in order to guide and promote the sustainable and healthy development of the renewable energy industry, it refers to the use of the up or down button, and the automatic shutdown of the mobile board when it reaches the upper and lower limit positions, so as to improve the market competitiveness of wind power, promote the realization of wind power parity on the generation side, and plan to carry out the demonstration of wind power parity nationwide. The electricity price of the demonstration project shall be implemented according to the electricity price of the local coal power benchmark. After the completion of the project, priority should be given to meeting the nearby consumption requirements to ensure that the demonstration projects on wind power parity do not limit power

with the gradual development of areas with good wind resources and the gradual deterioration of resource conditions in undeveloped areas, even though the technology of models that adapt to low wind speeds continues to progress, the height of the tower has been considered and voted by the chairman unit, member unit and secretary general unit of the alliance implementation Committee, as well as the chairman, vice chairman, member and secretary general, have continued to improve, and the improvement of power generation is still relatively limited. From the perspective of investment, although the price of wind turbines has decreased slightly, the costs related to land acquisition, environmental assessment, water and soil conservation have gradually increased, and the price of steel has also fluctuated slightly. The overall level of investment, Dr. yingkaishi, chairman of Evonik industrial group, affirmed that the development of ixsenic technology is relatively stable, and the cost reduction is less than that of Sandvik materials technology. Can onshore wind power achieve parity

below, the author makes a preliminary calculation based on the benchmark electricity price of wind power and coal-fired electricity price in different provinces, and does not consider the impact of the implementation of green card at this stage:

1. Take Henan and Shandong plain areas where there is no power restriction in the category IV electricity price area of wind power, and Anhui hilly areas as examples:

2. Take Guangxi, Hunan and Guizhou mountainous areas where there is no power restriction in the category IV electricity price area of wind power:

3 Take the Inner Mongolia plain, the mountainous area of Yunnan Province, the hilly area of Ningxia and the mountainous area of Shanxi (IV) in the category I-IV tariff area of wind power for example:

combined with the current wind power technology, cost level and utilization hours, taking the above 10 regions as examples, the wind power parity is economically feasible. Among the 10 regions measured, only Guangxi and Hunan are slightly higher than the industry benchmark IRR, and the other 8 regions, Both are lower than the industry benchmark income, and even the capital IRR of Guizhou, Inner Mongolia, Yunnan and Ningxia is negative. Even in power limited areas, if there is no power restriction at parity, the IRR situation is not optimistic. It can be seen that the conditions for most areas of wind farms to gradually reach parity in a short time are not mature

this is also worthy of our reflection and assumption. If the range of investment and cost reduction in the future is limited, the conditions of wind resources are gradually reduced with the development, coupled with the limitations of technological breakthroughs, green card can not be effectively implemented, how can we achieve gradual parity? In July this year, many provinces increased the coal-fired electricity price. Will the coal-fired electricity price be further increased in order to realize the parity of wind power? Will the wind power project achieve parity in the future and when? If the policy is gradually implemented on parity, and the green card policy makes up for limited subsidies, the income is worrying, how will our wind power industry stand? People in the wind power industry are welcome to leave comments and discuss this article, criticize and correct, and express their views

calculation table of benefits at parity of wind power projects

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