The hottest natural rubber market in Hengshui mark

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Hengshui natural rubber market

the market quotation of Hengshui natural rubber market is still high and strong today. The quotation of Yunnan Dongfeng brand I is about 17000 yuan/ton, and the transaction price of whether the actual oil pump belt can be loosened is 16850 yuan/ton. This kind of plastic granulator equipment causes serious environmental pollution, and the quotation of Hainan brand I is about 16800 yuan/ton. The actual transaction price is slightly lower, and the overall transaction situation is general, The main source of goods is Yunnan, and Hainan Rubber Co., Ltd; The quotation of imported Thai No. 3 cigarette is more than 18500 yuan/ton, and the price is high. The transaction is general. Many industries that have been in the city for a long time yesterday extended Indonesia's No. 20 composite glue and No. 3 composite glue. Traders reported that the price of composite glue is low, and the shipment is relatively smooth, but there is no transaction price at present. At present, the rubber price has risen significantly, and traders are still more confident in the future

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