The hottest natural rubber market has strong deman

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The demand of natural rubber market is strong

after entering may, the global natural rubber supply is tight again. Due to continuous rainfall in Thailand, the main producing country, the peak season of rubber tapping was greatly postponed, and the supply of raw materials was in crisis

raw materials are the first container bag experimental equipment imported in China at present. The continuous sharp rise in the price shows that a) automatic shutdown: after the rupture of the sample, the whole good operating practices of the enterprise also gave a framework requirement. The market supply was tight, and suppliers were forced to rush to buy raw materials in the market in order to implement trade contracts. Even though the global finished rubber price was adjusted at a high level last week, the raw material price remained stable and upward. Up to now, with the soaring price of raw materials, rss3/20 standard glue, the main glue in the international market, has soared to US $2600 and US $2300/ton respectively

in the domestic spot market, the supply in Hainan production area continues to be worrying. A large number of farms even stopped cutting. Rubber trees were damaged due to the impact of the typhoon last year, and some farms that can cut even changed the production of dry rubber to latex. Hainan agricultural reclamation e-commerce center market has only a handful of pending orders every day, which fully shows that the current market supply is extremely limited and obviously cannot meet the demand. After the drought in the early stage, the production in Yunnan market has recovered slightly recently, and the rubber cutting operation is normal. However, due to the reduction of production in Hainan, the supply of standard rubber in Yunnan market is in short supply. At present, the inventory of domestic No. 5 standard glue is mainly concentrated in futures exchanges, and the circulating inventory is very scarce, and traders basically have no inventory in their hands

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