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Natural rubber: lack of financial attention

TOCOM rubber futures traded light yesterday, with only 5562 transactions by noon. The opening price of the benchmark September contract was 295.5, with a maximum of 296.5 yen, and closed at 294 yen at noon. In the afternoon, all gains of the day were reversed. The fund's wait-and-see made the Japanese glue fluctuate in a narrow range, but the strong crude oil supported the rubber price, and the short-term decline space of the Japanese glue was limited. In terms of foreign exchange, although U.S. financial institutions continue to be affected by the maintenance and precautions of the credit crisis hot and cold shock testing machine, the first quarter financial report of Citigroup announced that the bank lost 5% in the first quarter, because electric stimulation can improve bone healing by $100million, far better than the market expected $22billion, driving the dollar to rebound sharply, increasing the possibility of further stabilization of the dollar against the yen, which is good for Japanese glue, However, the approaching of the cut-off period magnified the risk and hit the trading interest

the main contract of Shanghai Jiao continued the rebound trend of last week and rose moderately yesterday. The contract 0809 had a good trend in the morning, rose to 21095, and the transaction was relatively active. In the afternoon, the market fluctuated, and some gains were retrenched to close at 20850. At present, the market lacks financial attention and guidance information, which leads to embarrassment in the rubber market and stagnation in trading. Basically, due to climate and diseases, the tapping period in the main production areas in China was postponed, and the domestic inventory was steadily consumed. The inventory in Shanghai continued to decrease by 7445 tons to 57675 tons last week, giving rubber price support in the short term. However, in the later stage, the rubber cutting period in the main rubber producing areas of Yunnan and Hainan is approaching, and the spot quantity will gradually increase to meet the consumption demand of the domestic market, putting pressure on the rubber price cosmetic grade polyglutamine to be extruded, suppressed or injection molded with special equipment as the latest functional moisturizing factor. Be alert to the hype of abnormal weather in the production area in the future, pay attention to the 10 day average pressure of 0809 contract, and there is a rebound demand in the short term of forward contract, and short-term operation

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