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On March 1, Guangzhou meinimei Furniture Co., Ltd. officially kicked off the "general trend new year" activity from March 1 to March 18. This conference overturned the traditional excitement and carried out a two-day team expansion trip to help business development

on March 1, Guangzhou meinimei Custom Furniture Co., Ltd. officially opened the prelude to the "general trend new year" activity from March 1 to March 18. This launch conference did not follow the usual path of "shouting slogans and establishing military orders", but subverted the traditional excitement and launched a two-day team expansion tour to help business development

in order to enhance the sales service level of all employees of meinimei, improve their understanding of the strength and advantages of brand products, and expand the market with a more pragmatic attitude, more solid work and greater determination. At noon on March 1, meinimei customized furniture organized all the staff of the marketing department to start from the factory and go to Shaoguan Xinfeng board factory, the first stop of the expansion trip, for on-site investigation and study

the employees of meinimei home have visited various production workshops of the plate factory, and carefully observed and listened to the explanation at each workshop and production process. This activity not only deepened the employees' understanding of the product production process, but also comprehensively demonstrated the high quality and environmental protection of meinimei household products

on March 2, the second stop of the expansion tour of meinimei home's "general trend new year" activity came to Conghua Forest Park to start another round of expansion project - military training. All the staff competed in the training links of "military posture training, weight-bearing walking for five kilometers, team style display, Qixin bridge, dance teaching, concentric drum". Through this activity, all employees realized that success requires not only good planning, but also efficient execution. It not only enhances the team cohesion and cooperation ability of employees, but also effectively exercises their strong will

"military posture training" challenge:

"Qixin bridge" challenge:

"five kilometers of weight-bearing walking" challenge:

"impossible push ups" challenge:

"concentric drums" challenge:

in addition to the training of the expansion trip of meinimei "the beginning of the new year", meinimei employees also have the opportunity to temporarily put aside their busy work and pressure, get close to nature, feel the green mountains and green waters, and relax their body and mind, Improve work efficiency, mobilize work enthusiasm and enthusiasm, and lay a good foundation for building a sophisticated brand team

as the smiling faces of the employees were fixed in front of the victory wall, the two-day expansion trip officially came to an end. At the same time, it also announced that the launching conference of the 3.18 "opening of the year" of meinimei was a complete success




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