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Star Wars: the awakening of the force &mdash& mdash; Lu Han takes you to check the surrounding of Star Wars theme


Star Wars 7, which has been a long time away, is finally online. Although there is no plot or line that doesn't care about the material, it still can't stop the enthusiasm of the majority of star fans to form groups to watch movies one after another. The plot scripts are secondary, and what we see is feelings! In order to give back the enthusiasm of the majority of star fans, the theme song of the film invited Shuai Di little fresh meat Lu Han children's shoes as the lead singer (shy covering his face). Now let's follow Lu Han to have a look around the theme of Star Wars. If you like it, remember to buy it and leave it

Star Wars themed children's room

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little pen Yu is always full of all kinds of fantasies. It's exciting to think about installing all kinds of Star Wars elements, warships, armor, warriors, models in the children's room, let alone really realize it. Xiao Bian wants to wear it back to his childhood and live in the Star Wars themed room again. Entering such a room is like entering a space capsule, full of mystery and technology. The geometric style of science and technology and the large star wars poster advertisements are simply out of control

Samurai style hand-held shower head

Samurai style hand-held shower head

Samurai style hand-held shower head oxygenics is one of the most advanced bathroom products brands in the world at present, with three gear adjustment: spray eyes, eyebrows, mouth and your face

Star Wars toaster

Star Wars toaster has an adjustable temperature controller and an automatic and manual switch. It can remove the chip tray, which is convenient for cleaning, and combines beauty and function perfectly. The official price of ThinkGeek is $49.99 (equivalent to 329 yuan)

Millennium Falcon chopping block

with such a cool chopping block, men's tickets can no longer find a reason not to cook. The official price of ThinkGeek is $40 (equivalent to 263 yuan)

dark force coffee cup

there is a small button on the coffee handle. When you press the small button when you are full of coffee, a small vortex will appear. It feels like using the force to create a whirlwind. It's simply not too cool

Star Wars Lightsaber umbrella

lightsaber umbrella has built-in LED, which can emit red, blue and green colors. When I go home to play lightsaber umbrella at night, my mother won't have to worry about me hitting the telegraph pole anymore

irish choice Star Wars themed high heels

Star Wars is not only the world of men, but also loved by girls. This Star Wars series high-heeled shoes are both beautiful and overbearing. Don't you see the queen

Star Wars 3D wall lamp

the Black Knight breaks through the wall, and the visual impact is absolutely powerful. Remember to cover it with a cloth before going to bed at night, otherwise you will be scared to pee when you get up and go to the bathroom at night

Star Wars insulated gloves

the surroundings of star wars are well intentioned, and the vast majority of them are light eating, which is the rhythm of building house men into good men at home

Star Wars Official limited edition ice cream

don't say anything, but eat it. Four boxes of $36 (equivalent to 237 yuan) on the official website of ample hills Creek

finally, send us beautiful photos of Master Yoda and Lu Han, and wish the imperial commando to achieve universal peace as soon as possible

this comparison … Contrast Meng, you know




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