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1. Design and layout of study as a space for people to read, write, study and research, it is a private world for individuals and a place that can best express the habits, hobbies, tastes and expertise of residents

the study layout generally needs to maintain relative independence, and is equipped with corresponding studio furniture and equipment, such as computers, drawing tables, etc., to meet the use requirements. Its design should be based on the principle of comfort and tranquility, especially for those engaged in art, music, writing, etc., it should be convenient for them to work to the greatest extent. In this way, we can create a good environment for study and work

2. How does the study furniture conform to the human body scale

the study is the place where people study and work. When choosing the study furniture, in addition to paying attention to the shape, quality and color of the study furniture, we must consider that the furniture should adapt to the scope of people's activities and meet the basic requirements of human health aesthetics. In other words, the structure, size and placement of study furniture should be determined according to the law of human activity, the size of various parts of the human body and the posture when using furniture. For example, when resting and reading, the sofa should be soft, straight and low, so that both legs can be extended freely to achieve a high degree of comfort, so as to eliminate fatigue after sitting for a long time

the main furniture in the study is bookshelves, bookcases, desks, seats or sofas. According to the physiological calculation of normal human body in China, the height of writing desk should be 750-80mm, taking into account the activity area of legs under the table; The clear height under the table is required to be no less than 580mm. The seat should be matched with the writing desk, with moderate height, soft and comfortable. If conditions permit, it is best to buy a swivel chair. The general height of the seat should be 380-450mm to facilitate people's activity needs

3. How to determine the size of the desk

it is better not to use the desk used in the office building for the home desk, because it may not coordinate with other furniture

600mm available for single desk × Ll00mm table top, 710-750mm high. The distance from the table top to the bottom of the drawer should not exceed 125mm, otherwise, you will bump your feet when you get up. At the desk against the wall, a 100mm light slot can be set 450mm away from the table, on which a bookcase or shelf is used. In this way, when writing, the light tube cannot be seen, but the table has sufficient light. For desks used by children under 14 years old, the table top should be at least 00mmx500mm and the height should be 580-710mm. The seats should also be matched. In fact, it is not difficult to make a lifting table. Nail some battens on the wall or cabinet side, and lift the table panel as a laminate. You can also use the gravity support used for the store display cabinet (among which there is an adjustable plate inclination). Make a table top cover on it, and you can lift and lower it at will and place it flat or inclined

4. How to configure the color of the study

in terms of color, the color of the study environment and the color of furniture are mostly cold colors, which helps people to have a stable state of mind and smooth blood. As the study is a place for long-term use, strong stimulation should be avoided, and bright neutral colors such as achromatic or grayish brown should be used more. In order to get a unified mood. The natural color of furniture and furnishings can use the same tone with the color of the walls, and decorate them with some harmonious colors. Such as small handicrafts in the bookcase and decorative paintings on the wall (when purchasing decorative paintings, it should be noted that they are used for decoration in color and should be coordinated with the overall layout in form). In this way, the slightly monotonous environment can be broken

generally, the ground color is darker, so the carpet should also choose some colors with low brightness and high chroma. The treatment of ceiling should consider the indoor lighting effect, generally white, so that the walls can be bright through reflection. The color of doors and windows should be slightly prominent on the basis of indoor harmonious color, as the indoor "accent"

5. How to choose lighting in the study

the lighting in the study should be conducive to people's energetic study and work, and the light should be soft and bright to avoid glare. The main lighting of the study can choose the incandescent chandelier with milky white cover, which is installed in the center of the study. In addition, a desk lamp is set on the desk as local lighting for reading and writing

6. How to choose the lamps in the study

the lighting in the study is mainly to meet the needs of reading, writing and learning, so it is mainly local lighting

in order to create such an environment, in the layout of the study, we must first consider the functionality, and comprehensively consider the magic like light source. It can not only create various styles and tastes, but also provide lighting conditions for daily work such as reading and writing. When decorating the study, we must consider the local lighting function of light, so that the characteristics of the study can be shown. Any ingenious lighting and redundant and patchy auxiliary light will bring the opposite effect

the lighting height and brightness in the study are also very important. Generally, incandescent lamps should be used for desk lamps, and the wattage should be about 60 W. Too dark is harmful to eye health, too bright and dazzling is also harmful to eyes. In addition, the size and height of desks and table tops are also very important. The size of the table can be determined by the range of activities of the hand and the props and books configured for work needs. Therefore, when choosing study lamps, we should not only consider the decorative effect, but also consider the functionality and rationality of the light

7. How to arrange the study furnishings

the study is comfortably and appropriately arranged, which is conducive to people's concentrated study. Hanging flowers, bamboo tubes or other flower utensils on the wall can form a quiet and elegant environment. Put oneortwo pots of sketch bonsai on the bookcase, which can increase the sense of tranquility in the study. Bonsai should choose pine, cypress, iron tree and other short branches. Plants that are evergreen, not easy to wither and easy to grow are better. In addition, small foliage plants or small vases can be placed on the desk, and several seasonal flowers can be inserted, which can be changed with the season, such as roses, gladiolus, chrysanthemums, etc. The design and color should be white and yellow. Too thick red will disturb the mood of readers. In fact, the book in the study itself is the most representative display, which can best show the owner's habits, hobbies, tastes and expertise. It is a real and personalized display

8. Create a bright study

in the study design, in addition to reasonably dividing the writing, computer operation, book collection and rest areas to ensure the functionality of the study, and pay attention to creating a scholarly and artistic atmosphere, the most important thing is to maintain good ventilation and lighting in the study

desks do not have to be close to the window

when desks are placed in the study, people usually make them close to the window, thinking that this can provide sufficient lighting. In this regard, some designers put forward new ideas. They believe that, especially in rooms facing south, if the desk is facing the window, good lighting can be guaranteed, but it is facing the sun, so it is inevitable that the light is too strong. If the curtains are closed, the lighting will be affected. So you might as well move the desk back, not facing it directly. You can put it on the side and keep a certain distance from the window, so that you can get plenty of light without irritating your eyes. Moreover, when you are tired at work, you can open the window to breathe fresh air and exercise in front of the window

try to avoid backlight projection of light

the study requires uniform and stable light, moderate brightness, and avoid backlight projection of daylighting. The arrangement of night lights should first start from the function, not the decoration. It is best to use shadowless lighting. There should be special lighting arrangements in the main work area, and the light should not be too bright or too dark. It should be considered to adopt lamps with a shade close to the soft sunlight in the morning, non flickering, stable light source and effective heat dissipation, so as to reduce the visual burden. It is suggested that consumers should choose work lights with adjustable angle, height and brightness

arrange bookshelves according to the owner's occupation

bookshelves are the focus of the study. The arrangement of bookshelves is mainly determined by the owner's occupation and preferences. For example, in the study of musicians, sound equipment and playing instruments should occupy the best position. The characteristics of records, tapes and music scores in bookshelves are also different from ordinary books, so they should be specially designed. Writers have a large collection of books, and bookshelves often occupy the whole wall, making them solemn and dignified. Scientific and technological workers have some special equipment. When arranging the study, they should first place the drawing desk, small tool rack, simple experimental equipment, etc. If the number of commonly used books and periodicals is not large, you can buy a square multi-storey movable small bookshelf with rollers, which can move freely in the room as needed. The rarely used books are packed in boxes and placed in inconspicuous places

9. Create an artistic space and taste elegant study

four elements of study decoration

with the improvement of life quality, study has become an important part of many family rooms, and more and more people begin to pay attention to the decoration of study. When decorating the study, what should we pay attention to

Ming - lighting and daylighting of the study

as a place for the owner to read and write, the study has high requirements for lighting and daylighting, because human eyes work in too strong and weak light, which will have a great impact on vision, so it is best to put the desk by the window with sufficient sunshine but not direct reflection. In this way, when you are tired at work, you can look out of the window to rest your eyes. The study must be equipped with a lamp and a spotlight for the bookcase, which is convenient for the owner to read and find books. But pay attention to the desk lamp. The light should shine evenly on the place where you read and write. It should not be too close to people to avoid glare. Long arm table lamp is especially suitable for study lighting

quietness - the necessity of self-cultivation

Quietness is very necessary for the study, because people's work efficiency in a noisy environment is much lower than that in a quiet environment. So when decorating the study, we should choose those decorative materials with good sound insulation and absorption effects. The ceiling can be made of sound-absorbing gypsum board, the wall can be decorated with PVC sound-absorbing board or upholstered decorative cloth, the floor can be made of carpet with good sound-absorbing effect, and the curtain should be made of thick material to block the noise outside the window

elegance -- fresh and elegant with pleasure

in the study, don't just a group of large bookcases, add a capital desk and a chair, but fully integrate your interest into the decoration of the study. An art collection, a few favorite paintings or photos, a few ink treasures written by yourself, even a few simple and simple handicrafts, can add a little elegance and freshness to your study

preface - guarantee of work efficiency

study, as the name suggests, is a room for collecting and reading books. There are so many kinds of books, and there are often read, often read and collected books, so books should be classified to a certain extent. For example, it is stored separately in the writing area, consulting area and storage area, so that the study is orderly (neat blog, neat news, neat say it) and work efficiency can be improved

10. Squeeze out a study

for families with tight housing, it seems to be a luxury to have a study of their own without external interference. But you can squeeze out a study and turn this "luxury" into reality

squeeze the study from the lobby. The old-fashioned two rooms and one hall is commonly known as the "eye room". Due to the defect of the house type, the "lobby" of this pattern of living room is significantly larger as a restaurant and smaller as a guest room. It is better to combine the study and restaurant into one, and squeeze out a small world of study and work in a corner of the lobby

it is very common to squeeze a study in the living room, and the living room also serves as a dining room, so you only need to




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