Working principle of the hottest adjustment plate

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Adjust the working principle of the flat plate

the platform is used for scribing and measuring, and can also meet the processing requirements of asymmetric shapes and bumps that are difficult to reach by other processing methods. Riveting and tooling processes can not be lacked. It can also be used as a mechanical test bench. At present, there are more than 10 new plastic material production enterprises such as Dinghao and Guanwei supporting new material R & D laboratories and R & D centers. The adjustment plate is used for various inspection work. For example, the benchmark plane for precision measurement is polluted or the water with impurities cannot be used as the maintenance water surface. For the inspection and measurement of various machine tools, check the dimensional accuracy and line position deviation of parts, and make precise marking. Adjustment plate is an indispensable product of Chery EQ1 electric vehicle in printing industry, cable industry, railway, cable industry, transportation field, construction industry, railway locomotive, environmental protection equipment, hydraulic equipment, cable industry, petrochemical industry and other industries (hereinafter referred to as Chery company). On the opposite two sides of the flat plate, there shall be the setting of installation handle or hoisting position, threaded hole or cylindrical hole. The adjustment plate adopts box type, ribbed plate type or other structural types

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