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The working principle of centrifugal pump and its structure analysis Abstract: in many construction sites, centrifugal pump can be said to be an indispensable machine. It is widely used for the suction and filtration of various fluids. If you want to better use the centrifugal pump, you need to have a clear understanding of its working principle. What is the working principle of the centrifugal pump

working principle of centrifugal pump

for the structure of centrifugal pump, it is mainly divided into six departments to answer. Among them, the impeller, bearing, pump body are divided into rapid cooling and slow cooling, as well as sealing ring and stuffing box. The new standard technical indicators of the pump specially emphasize the limit and index shaft from the restrictive requirements of raw materials and additives. For centrifugal pumps, the most important part is the impeller, because the structure and material of the blades are very important if the centrifugal pump wants to have high speed and great strength. Therefore, before using the blades, it is often necessary to carry out various experiments, such as the most important static balance experiment. If you want to reduce the resistance generated by the impeller when it is rotating, you need to make the inner and outer surfaces of the impeller very smooth, so as to reduce the friction generated by the water flow during operation. There is also the pump body, which is often referred to as the pump casing. It is the main structure supporting the whole water pump, which can play a good supporting effect, so it needs to be connected with the bearing bracket. Then there is the pump shaft, which can transfer the torque of the motor to the impeller, and is connected to the motor through the coupling, so it can effectively transfer the energy between devices

there is also the sliding shaft. Generally speaking, the transparent oil we use is used as a lubricant, and then put the shaking hand slightly into the bracket of the experimental machine. It needs to be filled to the specified oil line during the period, and the deviation should not be too large. Too much oil will easily leak out, but too little oil will burn out the bearing due to the high temperature during operation, resulting in failure. Therefore, during operation, the bearing shall be controlled to have a space (0.7m) for experiment and protection around; Generally speaking, the temperature of 60 ℃ is appropriate, but it must not exceed 85 ℃. The stuffing box is mainly used to close the gap between the pump shaft and the pump casing, so as to make the centrifugal pump more stable. Therefore, when checking the centrifugal pump, special attention should be paid to the stuffing box. After all, the stuffing box needs to be replaced when the cumulative working hours are more than 600 hours

in many construction sites, centrifugal pump can be said to be an indispensable machine. It is widely used for suction and filtration of various fluids. However, if we want to make better use of the centrifugal pump, we need to have a very clear understanding of its working principle, because the careless operation of the centrifugal pump in the process of use can easily lead to failure. When repairing the failure, we need to have a very good understanding of the structure of the centrifugal pump. Therefore, let's learn it quickly

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