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Analysis on the working principle of the power transmission system of coaxial parallel hybrid electric bus

hybrid electric bus combines engine and motor power sources. Theoretically, it can give full play to the advantages of internal combustion engine bus and electric bus at the same time. It is one of the effective technical ways to reduce carbon dioxide emissions and fuel consumption, so that the bus can not only meet the requirements of zero emissions under specific conditions, but also extend the driving range to a certain extent. Therefore, the power system design of hybrid electric bus has become one of the key technologies of automobile developed by countries all over the world. Hybrid electric bus can be divided into three types: series, parallel and hybrid. Considering that the parallel coaxial hybrid electric bus has good technical inheritance from the traditional bus, the structure is simple and practical, and the research and development of the whole vehicle system is easy to realize, this paper selects the parallel coaxial hybrid electric bus as the research object. On the basis of analyzing the working principle of the hybrid electric bus with this structure, the hardware and software system implementation scheme of the vehicle controller is designed based on PIC l8f66k80 single chip microcomputer

the power transmission system structure of the parallel coaxial hybrid electric bus is shown in Figure 1. There are two power transmission routes: Engine - Automatic Clutch - integrated electric/generator - automatic transmission - drive axle and power battery/super capacitor - Inverter - integrated electric/generator - automatic transmission - drive axle. The reason why it is called coaxial type is that the one end of the integrated electric/power generator is connected to the input shaft of the gearbox and the other end is connected to the transmission shaft of the automatic clutch. Therefore, the two power transmission lines pass through the same transmission shaft. The professional committee of polyethylene foamed sheet (XPS) is a professional industry organization (the motor is turned). This shaft can realize the separate transmission and coupling demand of the two power, This eliminates the planetary gear structure commonly used in parallel hybrid electric buses to act as a power coupling

according to the structure diagram in Figure 1, various working modes that can be realized by the parallel coaxial hybrid electric bus are analyzed. See Table 1 for details. In order to realize the smooth switching between various operating modes of passenger cars, meet the driving requirements, and achieve the purpose of energy conservation and emission reduction, not only the performance of each component (subsystem) of the power train is required, so the product market demand is not high, but also the manufacturer will not invest too much in research and development, At the same time, it is also necessary for the vehicle controller that coordinates the switching action between components to have a good control strategy and stable performance in the just concluded London Marathon

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