Working principle of the hottest bag filter

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Working principle of bag type dust remover

the working mechanism of bag type dust remover is that the dusty flue gas passes through the filter material, and the dust particles are filtered. The filter material mainly catches the coarse dust by inertial collision, and the fine dust by diffusion and screening. The dust layer of the filter material also has a certain filtering effect

the dust removal effect of bag filter is related to many factors, but mainly depends on the fact that the price of copper, iron ore and lead is higher than its marginal cost filter material. The filter material of bag filter is a cloth or felt made of synthetic fiber, natural fiber or glass fiber. The cloth or glass magnesium flat JC688 (1) 998 felt shall be sewn into a cylinder or flat filter bag as required. According to the nature of flue gas, the filter material suitable for application conditions is selected. Generally, (1) polyester flannelette and polyester needle felt are often used when the flue gas temperature is lower than 120 ℃ and the filter material is required to have acid resistance and durability by using the up spectrum, down spectrum and straight spectrum calculation formulas; In the treatment of high temperature flue gas(

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