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Working principle of crane brake

block brake is composed of brake pad, brake arm, brake wheel and brake release. The brake wheel is usually installed on the rotating shaft of the mechanism as a half of the coupling. The symmetrically arranged brake arm is hinged with the fixed part of the frame. The two brake pads with friction materials on the inner side are hinged on the two brake arms respectively. Under the action of the brake force on the brake release, the paired brake pads hold the brake wheel radially to produce braking torque

take the short stroke electromagnetic iron block brake as an example (see Figure) to illustrate the working principle of the block brake. When the power is turned on, the iron core of the electromagnetic brake release attracts the armature to press the push rod, the push rod pushes the left brake arm to swing to the left, and the main spring is compressed. At the same time, the auxiliary spring that relieves the pressure pushes the right brake arm to the right. The two brake arms drive the brake pad to separate from the brake wheel, and the mechanism can move. When the power supply is cut off, the iron core loses magnetism and the attraction to the armature is eliminated, so the pressure of the armature on the push rod is relieved. Under the tension of the main spring, the two brake arms swing inward together, driving the brake pad to hold the brake wheel tightly to generate braking torque; At the same time, the auxiliary spring is compressed. The braking torque is determined by the force of the main spring, and the auxiliary spring ensures the clearance. The braking performance of the block brake is largely determined by the performance of the brake release

the block brake is characterized by simple structure, convenient installation, and the pressure generated by the pair of pads is balanced, so that the brake axle is not subject to bending load. It has become an important pillar industry in our province and a new economic growth experimental machine. It is an indispensable important testing instrument. 8. The lead screw and transmission part of the crane shall be regularly lubricated and widely used

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