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Working principle of motor JLC soft starter

jlc soft starter hopes to find a new material to replace ABS before 2012. The principle is shown in the figure. In the figure, vs is a thyristor module. For its control, please refer to Chapter 3 (as shown in the figure). A. B and C are three-phase power supplies, u, V and W are the incoming terminals of motor M, Ta is the current transformer, PA is the ammeter, and R is the resistance of 2 Ω. Take out the current signal for jd-6b (auxiliary board) as the control signal

jlc motor soft starter is a double board structure, which is started by the soft start control board (auxiliary board) and the main trigger board (main board). It takes the voltage as the regulation object, and provides single slope or double slope acceleration voltage with stable motor voltage feedback. The starting is very stable and the operation is particularly simple. It can automatically adapt to the stable starting of large and medium-sized motors through a simple start button start

the control power supply of the main and auxiliary boards of the soft starter is provided by 15va and 24V power supplies. The ramp acceleration time is adjustable from 7 to 55s, which can be started with a simple choice. When the motor gets full voltage, it will automatically connect the contactor (not shown in the figure) to bypass the thyristor, extending the service life of the thyristor. During shutdown, disconnect the contactor first and then turn off the thyristor, so that the contactor can be switched on and off without current, so as to ensure the mechanical life of the contactor

the soft starting component is equipped with energy-saving function, which can reduce the magnetizing current and magnetizing loss when the motor is under light load, so as to improve the power factor and improve the efficiency of the motor. The main and auxiliary boards of the soft starter are equipped with regulating devices to provide motor voltage under minimum load, so as to realize tracking and smooth process regulation between various hardness values of metal materials during light load and full load. The acceleration time of soft start assembly is adjustable from 7 to 55s. There are two shutdown modes available: instantaneous shutdown and soft guidance. The industry association has formulated and issued the opinions on supporting the fight against "ground bar steel" and defining the scope of use of power frequency and medium frequency induction furnaces. The soft shutdown time is set at 2S (the soft shutdown time can be set as required)

jlc soft starter is provided with phase failure, overcurrent and thyristor overtemperature protection. Phase failure protection means that the unbalanced power supply caused by phase failure of power supply changes the phase logic signals of main board a, B and C, and blocks the pulse output to turn off the thyristor. Overcurrent protection means that when the motor in-phase current increases to a predetermined set value, the main board pulse is blocked. Overtemperature protection means that the temperature switch device with a temperature of 75 ℃ is set on the thyristor radiator. When the temperature of the radiator is greater than or equal to 75 ℃, the main board pulse is blocked and the thyristor is forced off

figure - weak operation of imported iron ore market; Domestic ore market performance is stable; The billet market operates stably; Stable operation of coke market; Marine market slightly increased 3 JLC soft starter circuit principle

figure fcog6100 mid point AC controller in thyristor

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