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PP market will still maintain a slight consolidation trend

the overall stable situation of domestic PP market this week has not been broken, the market atmosphere is slightly inferior, and some areas fell slightly in the second half of the week. Some low price shipments in the market led to a slight decline in market prices, but did not reflect a significant downward trend. The long-term sluggish demand of downstream factories has led to a sluggish market stalemate and weak pattern improvement. Although crude oil prices rose, the spot market still failed to perform in the same direction. Under the pressure of continuous decline in the warehouse receipt market, the spot price has weakened locally, and the overall decline in the market quotation is about the deformation of yuan/ton of materials has completely disappeared. As the time approaches the end of the month, the wait-and-see atmosphere in the market is intensified, and the mentality is relatively unstable. Some, especially in the automotive manufacturing industry, medical supplies industry and consumer electronics industry, are worried about the decline of petrochemical factory prices, but there is no news about Petrochemical for the time being. We also need to see what the system is. The available resources in the overall market are still not many, and the transaction atmosphere is also dull. The market atmosphere feels sluggish, and there are many uncertainties about the aftermarket mentality

this week, the overall market of PP raw materials in Yuyao China plastic city was stable, and some were accompanied by a gloomy atmosphere. The decline in downstream demand is difficult to improve, the market atmosphere is difficult to be active, transactions continue to maintain a bleak situation, and the market supply digestion is slow. The rise in crude oil prices did not have a significant impact on the market. The poor performance of the plastic warehouse receipt market in the middle of this week also hit the confidence of the spot market to a certain extent. Part of the spot market performance is expected to replace the existing non degradable general plastics in many fields. At the weekend, the mainstream quotation of domestic materials for wire drawing/injection molding is yuan/ton, and the mainstream quotation of domestic materials for copolymerization is yuan/ton

situation in other regions: the price of wire drawing in Dalian market this week is about 12000 yuan/ton; The quotation of wire drawing T30S in Beijing market is 11900 yuan/ton; The quotation of wire drawing in Linyi market is 11500 yuan/ton, excluding tax; The quotation of wire drawing n-t30s in Guangzhou market is 12050 yuan/ton; The price of wire drawing in Shunde market is yuan/ton, excluding tax; The underpricing of T30S goods of CNPC in Chengdu market is about 12150 yuan/ton; Maoming wire drawing reported a poor transaction at 12200 yuan/ton in Chengdu

petrochemical manufacturers: Sinopec remained stable this week; PetroChina's sales divisions bought out this week. The sales price of wire drawing in PetroChina Southwest Division was reduced by 50 yuan/ton this week; PetroChina South China division will offer a discount of 50 yuan/ton for the bulk sales of wire drawing this week. Sinopec began to implement the buyout system in August. Most manufacturers have implemented it, but it is still not fully implemented. Some are involved and have little impact on the market. It is only the change of the internal settlement method of Sinopec. At present, Sinopec's stable price purpose has not changed. In terms of devices, Jingmen Petrochemical PP device stopped due to minor failure on August 29, and it is planned to start up in the near future; Liaoyang Petrochemical PP plant is scheduled to start shutdown and maintenance on July 10 for about three months; Qianguo refinery started maintenance on July 15 for about 40 days; The PP plant of Daqing Refining and chemical company began to shut down for maintenance for more than a month on the evening of August 20; Dushanzi Petrochemical started the planned shutdown and maintenance for one month on August 4, and initially planned to start on September 4

prediction: on the whole, the enthusiasm of downstream enterprises to enter the market is low at present, and they continue to maintain the mentality of using with purchase. Due to the lack of hot spots, most traders are cautious in operation in the face of the current stalemate of flat market transactions and stable market. However, with the continuation of the sideways adjustment of the market, traders' patience is running away, and their confidence is gradually shaken. Some businesses are worried that the market will fall for a long time, and their bearish mood towards the future market is getting stronger. It is expected that the short-term PP market will remain slightly consolidated

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