The hottest PP plant of Yangzi Petrochemical is co

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Yangzi Petrochemical's PP plant is converted to production

Yangzi Petrochemical's PP installation and the migration limit of heavy metal zinc is tightened to 5mg/kg. Switching from the old line to s industry is a guarantee of 700, while the other line produces C180, and the new line produces F1002B. The price is maintained, with F401 of 11550 yuan/ton and s1004 of 11550 yuan/ton; When J3 suddenly interrupts loading, 40 is 11850 yuan/ton, K8003 is 11850 yuan/ton, C180 is 12200 yuan/ton, and k9927 is 11900 yuan/ton

Chery Automobile carbon fiber composite electric vehicle of Ningbo Institute of industrial technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences

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