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PP market prices rose this week ()

varieties due to the rise in oil prices in East China, the prices of PE and PP made of oil rose, while the prices of PVC remained stable, Give a development opportunity for plastic wood composites of PVC basic materials in South China and North China

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Market Overview:

PP: this week, the PP market is affected by factors such as the rise of crude oil and the rise of petrochemical enterprises.As the market rose, the wire drawing quotation began to rebound, The increase is about 300 yuan/ton. The injection molding market rose steadily, with an overall range of yuan/ton. The copolymer market is hot in the north and cold in the south. The supply in the south is stable, and the quotation is low. The supply in the north is tight, and the quotation is higher, with the highest increase of nearly 1000 yuan/ton

pp wire drawing:

driven by the price rise of petrochemical enterprises, the market situation in East China rose with the overall situation, with an increase of yuan/ton compared with last week. The supply is in short supply, the downstream is difficult to accept high prices, and the transaction is limited. Daqing T3 clearly stipulates that the main 0s mainstream price of food contact materials compliance of food enterprises and food contact materials manufacturers (food related product manufacturers in the food safety law) is about yuan/ton, Zhenhai T30S is about yuan/ton, Shaoxing T30S is about yuan/ton, and Yangzi F401 is about yuan/ton. At present, there are few resources in the market, and some middlemen are reluctant to sell; Downstream factories are difficult to accept high prices and receive goods in general. The market situation in South China is also generally rising, but the market supply is relatively small, the demand is general, and the wait-and-see atmosphere is strong. The T30S with tickets in Guangzhou and Xiamen markets are mainly reported to yuan/ton; Nt30s in Shunde market is reported as RMB/ton without ticket; Shantou market T30S no ticket reported yuan/ton. North China: Although the transaction atmosphere is not very good, businesses still push up their quotations. At present, T30S in Tianjin and Beijing is mainly quoted at about yuan/ton, and Qingdao T30S is quoted at 8000 yuan/ton. Linyi Zhongyuan T30S reported 7650 yuan/ton without ticket. At the same time, some downstream said that there were still low-cost imported materials on the market, with a small quantity and a cost of between yuan/ton

PP injection molding:

North China: due to the steady increase of injection plastic prices by petrochemicals, the market reported a high price. The listing price of CNPC v30g this week continued to rise, driving the quotation of injection plastic in Hebei, Shandong and other places to rise steadily to about 8100 yuan/ton, basically the same as that of wire drawing

the market in South China rose synchronously with wire drawing. At present, v30g with tickets in Guangzhou and Xiamen markets is mainly reported as yuan/ton; In Shunde market, the price of v30g without ticket is 7800 yuan/ton, the price of fiber Z30S without ticket is 7900 yuan/ton, and the price of cjs700 without ticket is 80 yuan/ton. Jin min will more actively promote the scientific and technological progress and talent development of the industry by 00 yuan/ton; Shantou market Hainan v30g reported 7850 yuan/ton without ticket. East China: following the sharp rise in the price of wire drawing materials, the transaction is OK. As of this Thursday, the mainstream quotation of v30g/j701 is about yuan/ton

copolymerization: North China: affected by the rise in the price of PP copolymerization of Sinopec and PetroChina, the quotation is pushed up, the supply is tight, and the hype atmosphere is strong,. At present, k8303 around Yanshan has been quoted to 9800 yuan/ton or even higher, EPS30R continues to be in short supply, Hebei, Shandong and other places lack quotations, and some have also been quoted above 9500 yuan/ton. K7726 produced in Yanshan is strictly forbidden to be used in steel, and the basic price is also reported at about 9500 yuan/ton. East China: the market followed up, with an increase of 500 yuan/ton compared with last week, and the transaction was good. As of this Thursday, Yangzi K003 reported yuan/ton; PetroChina East China EPS30R has a small inventory and a small market quotation. High melt copolymerization m2600r is reported to be about 9000 yuan/ton. South China: it is difficult to find goods in the South China market, and the market quotation is very high. At present, the copolymers in Xiamen and Shantou are basically out of stock; EPS30R and EPC30R-H in Guangzhou market are reported to more than 8800 yuan/ton with tickets; In Shunde market, ept30r/epc30r-h is basically reported as RMB/ton without ticket, while EPS30R is short of goods, and it is reported as RMB 8500/ton without ticket

trend forecast

as the world economic situation is not optimistic, the rise of the market slows down, the transaction is still flat, the operating rate is still not high, the business confidence is insufficient, and the receiving is cautious. It is expected that the market will enter a period of small consolidation in the near future

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