The hottest rubber tire stocks rose sharply

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Rubber tire stocks rose sharply

stimulated by the sharp rise in the price of natural rubber, the rubber tire sector rose against the trend yesterday, Hainan rubber and black cat shares were pushed to the daily limit, and the gains of shuangqian shares and big rubber and plastic were both around 5%

yesterday, the rubber tire sector rose against the trend, triggered by the sharp rebound in natural rubber prices in recent days. It is reported that Thailand, Indonesia and Malaysia, the world's top three natural rubber producers, will meet in Bangkok this week to seek measures to stabilize prices. According to the news, the main contract of Tianjiao futures rose by the limit on Monday and rose by more than 2% again yesterday, in the case of the market's strong expectation that the government of the rubber producing country would support the market

the price of natural rubber may rebound from oversold

but analysts' expectations for the current price of natural rubber are not as enthusiastic as the market response. "At present, the fundamentals of natural rubber do not support the sharp rise in prices. The market supply is very sufficient, and the downturn in automobile consumption has led to a decline in the demand for natural rubber." Fuchunjiang, manager of Jiangnan futures research department, told me

Fuchunjiang believes that it is difficult for the government to support the market to bring about a sustained sharp rise in prices. It is unlikely that the price of natural rubber will continue to rise in the future, and it may remain volatile near the current price

Johnson Matthey has predicted that the sales of its catalyst business will slow down in the next few years, and the price is still higher than that of the same period last year.

the impact of the price change of Tianjiao on the trend of rubber stocks is very obvious. Since the price of natural rubber rose sharply from the fourth quarter of last year to the first quarter of this year, the price of rubber in the first three quarters of this year is still higher than that in the same period last year

the third quarter report of Hainan rubber showed that the net profit of the company in the first three quarters was 710million yuan, an increase of 83% over the same period last year

the performance of big rubber and plastic, a listed company, is very unsatisfactory. There were losses in the first three quarters, and the loss area showed signs of expanding quarter by quarter. In addition, the loss increased from 7.3 million yuan in the first quarter to 21.0283 million yuan in the third quarter, which can be opened at any time in the future according to user needs and re analyzed the experimental data

funds use the news to hype tire stocks

the rise in the price of natural rubber is not good news for tire stocks. Natural rubber is an important raw material for tire enterprises. After the rise in the price of raw materials, it is bad news for listed companies

analysts said that in theory, the rise in rubber prices should be good for rubber stocks and bad for tire stocks, but yesterday the market was "eyebrows and whiskers", and even black cat shares, which are only suppliers of the tire industry, were pushed to the limit

from the transaction data, among the top five buying business departments of Hainan rubber and black cat shares, some famous "hot money concentration camps" are impressively listed. For example, Qiao Jinliang, the "Hainan rubber" said that the largest buyer was the Hangzhou Yan'an Road Business Department of CITIC Jintong securities, with a cumulative purchase amount of more than 50million yuan. The largest buyer of black cat shares is Guotai Junan Securities Shanghai Jiangsu Road business department, with a net purchase of 8.62 million yuan

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