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Rubber range consolidation, waiting to wait and see

on Tuesday, Tokyo rubber prices fell sharply after opening, and the end of the market closed higher again, with a large amplitude of oscillation; However, the performance of Shanghai Jiaotong was uneventful, and the contracts showed a trend of range consolidation throughout the day, with little change in transactions and positions

Fundamentals: the single chip microcomputer of the Chinese rubber warehouse is, but the storage of the core control unit of the system is still low. Chinese buyers still need to continue to buy spot shipments. Because their domestic rubber inventory is still insufficient, they are always complaining that the price is too high, and hope that the rubber block price can be reduced to 1.4 or the metal material testing machine is equipped with overload protection of $1.5. The output peak of three rubber producing countries, Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia, will come. The prices of raw materials in Thailand and Indonesia have been falling since last week. The weather has been good in the past few days without rain. If the good weather continues, the supply in the next few days is expected to increase. The weather is generally good, and the rubber cutting is progressing smoothly

suggestion: the downward trend of rubber price gradually encounters spot support, and it is not suitable to be bearish in the transition. Strategy: short-term oscillation trading or wait-and-see

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